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Zoom integration for PeopleForce

Zoom integration for PeopleForce
timer icon2022-02-08

Zoom integration for PeopleForce

PeopleForce team

The January update is full of bright new features, and the icing on the cake is Zoom integration. Previously, in order to schedule an interview, a recruiter or HR manager needed to switch from PeopleForce to a Zoom account and schedule a meeting.

You don't have to do extra steps and waste precious time now because you can schedule an interview via Zoom and generate meeting details directly from PeopleForce PeopleRecruit module. It is convenient, fast and allows you to save time and effort. Let's look closer at how to set up and use Zoom integration.

How do I set up integration with Zoom?

You have two ways to set up integration with Zoom:

1. From PeopleForce

2. From Zoom App Marketplace.

Installing from PeopleForce


All PeopleForce users who have administrator rights or access to the Integrations section can set up the integration. For this you need:

1. Go to Settings -> Integrations. In the Add integrations block find Zoom and click Add

2. If you are not logged in to your Zoom account in your web browser you will need to log in first. After you are logged in page will refresh and you will see your account details in Integrations.

Installing from Zoom App Marketplace


1.  Login to your Zoom account and open Zoom App Marketplace.

2. In search bar in top right corner enter PeopleForce.

3. In search results choose PeopleForce , by PeopleForce.

4. In the page click Visit site to add.

5. Login into your PeopleForce account and follow the instruction above (Installing from PeopleForce) to install integration.

That's all! Congratulations, you have integrated with Zoom. Now you can invite and create interview details directly from PeopleForce. We wish you successful interviews 😀

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