Employee Directory

All the information, skills, certificates and useful information are now in the employee database. Manage talent and make your workforce process easier.
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All Employee Data One Click Away

Got a thousand folders with employee files and still don’t know where that file is? Now you can store all employee data in one database. The detailed PeopleHR catalog stores, processes and supplements any data you want. It has contacts, personal information, passports copies, national and social insurance numbers, balance of paid and non-paid leaves, job history, compensation history, etc. You can also see the place in the organizational structure, line manager and project team to which one belongs.

Not Just Another Employee Directory

A detailed employee directory is useless unless you have the tools to manage it. To get the most out of the database, we’ve added:

  • Quick search for employees by parameters
  • Export of the entire directory of employees in one click (.cvs format is supported);
  • Detailed settings for employees’ access to information in the system. You determine by yourself what information about employees will be seen by colleagues, managers, HR specialists, top management and others. Access rights to information are configurable down to specific fields in the employee profile.
No more scattered spreadsheets and paper files

With PeopleForce all employee information you need is accessible anytime, anywhere. You can store and manage employee records and all your data in one secure HR Information System.

Organizational structure updates automatically

A detailed organizational structure is the key for newcomers and stuff not to get lost and occasionally understand which department a colleague belongs to. In PeopleForce the organizational structure of the company is generated and updated automatically, depending on the addition of new members. You can control the display of employees: switch from the catalog mode to the employee tree building mode, and the organizational structure will be shown. Zoom in and check it. Here you can also browse project and search for your person. Filters will allow you to find both departments and employees separately.


Vote for skills and talents

In the workplace, skills are often more important than education or previous positions. Therefore, PeopleForce allows each employee to add a list of their skills, and colleagues can «vote» for any of them, thereby confirming their assessment of this competence. It will come in handy if you need to find a person in the company with a certain talent to assign to a project, for example. You can now track your company’s skill mix, build a team’s skill pool, and celebrate employees for their outstanding talents. Being able to «vote» on a skill also serves as a way of feedback, approval, and a tool to increase engagement — everyone is pleased when their abilities are assessed.

Licenses and Certifications

But if experience and skills are not enough, you can always confirm professionalism with certificates. Each employee can add licenses, certificates of professional development, webinars, seminars and workshops to PeopleForce, even a driver’s license if needed. In the certification field, you can also specify the expiration date and track when it needs re-certification.


Colleagues are one tap away now
PeopleForce mobile application is integrated with online version and provides access to employee directory, contact of all employees and collaboration tools on the go.
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