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All Employee Data One Click Away

HR managers have to work through a great amount of data on each employee, stored in various systems, files and folders. Look no further, now all employee data is one click away.

Employee directory at PeopleForce is a hub, where all employee information is stored and processed. Contact data, personal information, passport scans, national insurance and social security numbers, paid and non-paid leave balances, job history, projects engaged, time sheets, compensation history, and many more. Request free trial to explore more of PeopleForce Employee Directory.

No more scattered spreadsheets and paper files

With PeopleForce all employee information you need is accessible anytime, anywhere. You can store and manage employee records and all your data in one secure HR Information System.

Not Just Another Employee Directory

Having a detailed employee directory is useless, if you don’t have tools to search and manage it. We have developed a range of them:

  • Quick search of employees by custom parameters
  • One-click export of all Employee Directory (.cvs format is supported)
  • Granular permission rules to set up custom access rights to any information within the system. It’s you who set, what employee information is visible to line managers, HR officers, top management and other roles. Information access rights are fully customizable, make them compliant with your company polices in two clicks.

Organization Chart at a Glance

PeopleForce supports not only a Directory of Employees, but also full size automatically generated and updated Org chart view.

Finding your colleagues has never been so easy. Switch from Employee Directory to Org chart and see all the organizational structure in full view.


Get a Custom Solution

We know that each company is unique, so we always have a customization option to develop and fine tune the system according to your corporate needs. PeopleForce is a powerful tool for your HR and we’re ready to take it to the next level and customize it specifically for you.

Just request free trial and we’ll discuss your needs.

Know Your Talent Pool

Ever wondered what skills pool you have in the company? Job titles and roles are good for general understanding, but to succeed in new business development you need deeper insights on what talents you have in the company.

No more wondering, if you have enough skillset for the upcoming project. PeopleForce allows each employee to add unlimited number of skills and get endorsed for them by colleagues.

Now you can track and count on the full pool of skills and talents you possess as a company. Recognize employees for their outstanding skills and make your company an even better place to work!

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Licenses and Certifications

Certifications are great way to acknowledge employees professionalism and keep track record of staff skills development.

Now each employee can add their professional certifications and even driving licenses. Certification includes expiry date fields, so employees will be able to track, when they need re-certification.

Discover your company talents pool in a click!


"Implementing PeopleForce in our organisation has been a revelation in the way it's streamlined our HR processes. The product is easy to use and is already saving us huge amounts of time managing our people. Great job guys!"
Guthrie White
Quantum IT

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Colleagues are one tap away now

PeopleForce mobile application is integrated with online version and provides access to employee directory, contact of all employees and collaboration tools on the go.

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