Employee Net Promoter Score

Rapid Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) surveys with a grading scales. System helps to learn about employee satisfaction anonymously so that you can improve your work environment on time.
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Employee Satisfaction

We all know that satisfied employees perform better, support company culture, promote your brand and help with new hires. Meanwhile dissatisfied employees can create toxic environment and not only perform worse, but also ruin the atmosphere and motivation of other employees. Do you know how your employees really feel about your company? How can we obtain accurate information about employees’ satisfaction?

PeopleForce comes packed with simple, yet powerful tool to track employee satisfaction – Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

Send out a simple anonymous survey and get a real picture of employee satisfaction within your company.

How does eNPS work?

Once you hit the button to initiate the eNPS survey, each employees gets a notification and user-friendly screen to quickly complete the survey. It’s quite short and takes couple of minutes, so response rates to eNPS are usually quite high.

eNPS comes with a single question – “On a scale from zero to ten how likely would you recommend our company as a place to work to a friend or a colleague?” and a follow up optional comment field “Why so?”.

All answers are then grouped by satisfied and loyal Promoters (those who gave you 9-10 points), neutral Passives (those who answered 7-8) and dissatisfied Detractors (those who put 0-6 eNPS points) and you receive summarized reports of satisfaction levels by departments or company-wide.

Get honest and anonymous opinion from employees to make grounded decisions

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Anonymous and Informative

You can be sure of full anonymity of the responses, so your employees can express their true and honest opinion. At the end of the day negative feedback is what shows areas of potential growth for your company.

You get powerful reporting and eNPS scoring by departments, positions and offices or locations. The eNPS module of PeopleForce provides you with deep insights on what’s going on within the company – where you perform well and where more effort is required.

Schedule it

You can easily schedule future eNPS surveys and track your employees satisfaction over time. Responses and results of each eNPS survey are saved and available for comparison and analysis at any time. Keep your finger on the pulse of your company’s human resources and make informed decisions.


What’s next?

eNPS provides you with data, insights and analytics, that you can work with. Dissatisfaction does not come from anywhere and eNPS helps you to define areas and departments, that need your attention.

Now you can make accurate and informed decisions.


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