Expense Management

Never miss a penny

PeopleForce powers up your expenses reporting by enabling employees to upload expenses and receipts online in a click. No more lost receipts or forgotten reports. Every expense is now securely stored along with digital copy of the receipt.

Each employee can report expenses, related to the project they’re involved in. Expenses count in upon approval by Project manager.

And you have full control over access permission to sensitive budgeting and expense information.

Seamless expense reporting

Every expense registered with PeopleForce is attached to your ongoing project and automatically accumulated in the Project expense reporting.

You can make Expense reports available to your Project managers or Finance team for detailed cost analysis and budgeting. Now you can seamlessly link Finance and HR departments in expense reporting area for error-free cooperation and increasing efficiency of your business as a whole.

No more mess in HR and projects expense reporting.

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Report expenses right on the go

PeopleForce mobile application is integrated with online version and provides flexibility of HR processes on the go.

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