Continuous performance management

What is continuous performance management?

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Continuous performance management

Continuous performance management implies supervision of workers performance with such tools as one-to-one meetings and discussion as well as feedback from supervisors on a regular basis. Best performance management systems, like PeopleForce, help with establishing safe working environment, that drives motivation and help each employee to work at their best.

What should continuous performance management tool include?

Continuous performance management systems usually include:

  • Weekly check-ins for management to keep track of employee satisfaction and morale.
  • One-to-one meetings with employees. They create opportunities for coaching and efficient resolution of any urgent issues or hard tasks.
  • Clear definition of goals and career developments for the employees. These goals should be both motivating for employees, yet aligned with the company’s goals and strategy.
  • Collaboration and communication among the teams through employee recognition.
  • Regular reviews of processes on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Such reviews will allow employees and their managers to reflect on what’s been done and plan future benchmarks for performance.

PeopleForce provides the whole range of performance management tools, including employee net promoter score, pulse surveys and check-ins to ensure continuous performance management within your organization.

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