HR business partner

Who is the HR business partner?

Who is the HR business partner?

An HR business partner is an experienced HR manager who works directly with the top management of the organization or company and helps to develop a talent management program and achieve corporate goals. A strategist who understands the areas of talent management, recruiting, business management and organizational strategy.

What is the difference between an HR business partner and an HR manager? 

This type of partnership rarely includes the work of an expert in the HR department. HR business partner is not employed as an HR Manager (HRM) or HR Director (HRD). The business partner does not perform administrative tasks, but is requested to cooperate with senior management, guide the development strategy and engage in advisory work. His contacts at the company are high-ranking.

HR business partner tasks include:

  • assistance with current strategic objectives
  • assistance in developing business processes, implementation of HR practices, and development of methodologies in line with the company's processes
  • review of business needs, analysis and adaptation of HR strategy of the company in accordance with these needs
  • consultation on HR management and implementation of HR strategy
  • search and proposal of alternative new solutions, both in the sphere of HR management, and in the sphere of business administration, if there is a link
  • participation in business processes when necessary, for example, when developing a business strategy
  • professional assessment of management decisions from the HR point of view, and changes in these decisions
  • influence on interactions between departments and ensuring work consistency in line with strategy
  • resolution of non-standard cases jointly with the management: entering new markets, new product introduction, crises, etc.

The main task of that kind of expert is creation of a strong team and implementation of corporate culture for the necessary transformation and strategic development of the company.

Who is a strategic HR business partner? 

A strategic HR partner is an expert who participates in negotiations about the future, mission, goals and general strategy of the company or organization. Moreover, the strategic HR partner has the right to vote at such meetings, as well as the power of communication with the staff. To reach this level, the HR business partner must fully understand the structure and work processes of the company and have the leadership skills to implement their suggestions and ideas together with the management.

Skills necessary for HR-business-partner

The core competency of the HR-business partner is to demonstrate leadership qualities, to take responsibility in conditions of ambiguity, to be able to influence others and urge them to listen to his or her opinion as well as arguments for his or her benefit. He must be decisive in matters that indirectly influence the company's performance, and have extensive experience of working in HR.

HR business partners influence trustworthy relations in the company, encouraging partnership relations, while acting in the interests of the business. This requires loyalty, the ability to communicate with people and a good understanding of the relationships in the team.

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