Job dissatisfaction

What is job dissatisfaction?

The concept of job dissatisfaction can involve two situations. In the first, dissatisfaction arises because the qualifications of the employee and the required qualifications for the position do not match for various reasons, or because the recruiters and the hiring team have not paid enough attention to the recruitment process. In this case, the new employee begins to realize after hiring that they are not the right choice, realizes the difference in company expectations and their personal expectations, and quickly becomes disillusioned with the job, working conditions, company values, etc. The solution would be to find another position in the company for such an employee, develop a new career plan, and review the recruiting stages and the workload of recruiters.

In the second case, dissatisfaction does not arise immediately after hiring, but after a certain period of time when the employee gets tired, burns out, change their opinion about the employer due to a number of reasons, or experiences conflict with management/colleagues/subordinates on work issues. In such a situation, the employer must analyze what causes the employee to become disillusioned with the job and what can be done by the company.

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