Performance improvement

What is performance improvement?

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Performance improvement

Performance improvement is connected to constant monitoring of employees’ work for a certain period, chosen by management and HR-department. During such periods (quarter, half a year, year) a cycle of assessment is carried out, by the results of which any possible problems in work, communication or tasks of the employees which can serve as blockers and interfere with achievement of the goals are determined. Based on the results of the assessment, effective and less effective employees are identified so that the HR department can react by offering new career plans or by monitoring burnout, fatigue and toxicity in the team.

Employee assessments are often conducted by Performance Review, which allows you to quickly and efficiently see any necessary performance hurdles, without involving outsiders in the evaluation. The results of the appraisal cycle show the difference between the employee's self-assessment, his or her manager's appraisal, and the third-party appraisal of colleagues and subordinates. These results are discussed in face-to-face 1-on-1 meetings, and are the basis for developing a career plan or new employee development strategy to improve performance.

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