Utilization analysis

What is utilization analysis?

Utilization analysis refers to a total analysis of the company’s personnel resources and demographics. The concept is particularly important in countries with anti-discrimination legislation as, while it’s useful to understand the demographics of those who work at your company generally, utilization analysis is designed to help companies adhere to compliance and legislative requirements.

The process is carried out in three stages, starting with all employees in the company being placed into job-specific groups (ie management, clerical, etc) and the percentage rate of minorities and women is calculated out of the total number of people in each category. Secondly, the latest workforce data is used to discover the percentage of minorities, women, etc, who are available to fill the roles established in step one. Finally, you can discover your utilization rate by comparing the two figures, and then ascertain your adherence to diversity standards (ie, if you have to fill quotas).

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