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March updates 2020

March updates 2020
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March updates 2020

PeopleForce team

In February we added archive for stale vacancies, SMS-registration of employees in PeopleForce, ability to comment on ads, redesigned directory and employee cards and introduced 20+ new features, which you can read about here.

At the beginning of this month, more time was devoted to improving the design of various pages and elements, because the visual component is as important for comfortable work in HRM-system as the functional one. Let's go through the main updates together.

Design updates

Personalization in HR management

A personalized message to employees increases loyalty to the company, so we've added a welcome message for each PeopleForce user. What kind of message depends on time of day. There are 4 such messages: morning, lunch, evening and night.


Updated widget design

We added icons to the new widgets in the "Employee Database" section. Come see in your account.


Updated status design in the system

In PeopleRecruit, you can now see a new status display by job if a job offer has been sent (offer sent, offer reviewed, offer accepted). A similar update is also available in PeoplePulse and Calendar.


Convenient notification management

We've added a "Mark as Read" button to the notification dropdown menu. Now you won't miss any new requests or messages, and you can mark a notification as read. Previously the system did this automatically.


Employee comments on vacation requests

Now you can see not only the dates requested for vacation, but also employees' comments to the request. This is important in case a colleague has a force majeure, needs to leave urgently and has no time for a long communication. He will indicate the reason and other necessary information in the comment, and you will see it right away.



Open surveys in PeoplePulse 

You now have the ability to create non-anonymous surveys. You can then see employee names next to the answers, as well as all non-anonymous results for each question in a separate "Answers" section.

Just before you run an open-ended survey, warn your employees about the format to keep their level of loyalty.


Integration of several of your employer accounts work.ua and rabota.ua in PeopleForce

To optimize the recruiting of large companies and placement of hundreds of vacancies in one HRM-system added ability to work with multiple existing accounts of job search sites. This update will be useful if you are recruiting for different projects or different branches. For each separate legal entity you can add different accounts in work.ua and/or rabota.ua within PeopleRecruit.


Candidate transfer from PeopleRecruit to PeopleHR is now clearer

The page for adding a new employee to the database or from the candidate database to the employee database now looks the same. Thanks to this, all information about the candidate who was accepted to the team is automatically transferred to PeopleHR in 1 click.

Ability to format dates

Previously only one date format was available: YYYYY/MM/DD. Now you can choose other date formatting options: DD.MM.YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY and choose the most convenient for you.

Quarantine is a good time to pay more attention to process optimization, including HR. So come in, explore the new features of our system, improve the work of your team and write in the comments what updates you like best. And if you're not with us yet, sign up for the demo version and work in PeopleForce for 14 days for free.

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