May updates 2020
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May updates 2020

PeopleForce team

Our team aims to help companies optimize and customize HR processes, relieve HR managers of routine and bring together all key HR management information in one place. In May we improved HR analytics, expanded calendar and notification capabilities, added the ability to view all employees in a list format. In this article we'll tell you more about new useful feature of PeopleForce.

List of updates:

  • New automated employee turnover report;
  • Update to the company's employee headcount report;
  • Adding your meetings, interviews and events to the PeopleHR calendar;
  • New alert: Employee anniversary;
  • Viewing your employee base in list format.

1. New level HR analytics: employee turnover report 

Employee turnover is a serious problem for companies of all sizes. Therefore, in order to retain the best employees and control layoffs, it is necessary to analyze the personnel turnover level in the company and understand the reasons and types of layoffs that cause people to leave the company.

For this purpose, we have added a new report "Employee Turnover" in the PeopleHR module, where you can study the total number of dismissals during the period of interest, total personnel turnover, average monthly turnover, as well as analyze indicators by shares of employees of different positions, departments, divisions and locations.


2. PeopleHR: Improvement of the headcount report

The total number of employees in a company is one of the key HR metrics that is widely used in analytics. You can analyze the growth of the number of employees in the improved PeopleHR report. Now, in addition to the overall graph with the number of employees in the company, you can see your average turnover in general for a given period and the average growth by months.


3. Add your own events to the PeopleHR calendar

Add meetings, corporate events, reminders, and other events to your corporate or own calendar. Simply click "Add Event", add a title, date, description, and select who should "see" the event on your calendar. It's as simple as that!


4. New alert: employee anniversary

We know that it is difficult to keep track of all dates and that it is easy to miss such an important event as an employee's anniversary, so we added the possibility to set up this type of notifications.

In order to receive notifications in the system and by email about an employee's anniversary, go to "Settings" - section "Notifications" - Add new notification - select "Anniversary".


You can also configure the reminder period, select the type of notification (in the system or to the mail), and choose who and whom you want to be notified:


5. Viewing the company's employee directory in a list format

The ability to view the directory of employees in a list format in addition to the format of displaying cards has appeared:


Check out your profiles to see the changes!

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