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New features released: june, 2019

New features released: june, 2019
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New features released: june, 2019

PeopleForce team

PeopleForce continues to deliver modern and multifunctional HR and recruiting solutions and introduced new major updates in June 2019. PeopleForce product offering now includes 4 modules, which can be purchased separately, so you have more flexibility in matching HR and recruitment solution to your business needs and paying only for the functionality you really use.

Now you can choose among 4 main modules of PeopleForce:

  • PeopleHR is a powerful HR information and automation system. Use it for optimizing and managing HR processes in your company.
  • PeopleRecruit is skyrocket in recruitment optimization and Applicant Tracking, it also includes our unique eSignature technology for streamlining job offers and documents signing;
  • PeopleTime works time tracking, expense and project management module, integrated with Jira Atlassian and Trello.
  • PeoplePulse is the best for monitoring motivation, satisfaction, and engagement of your team.

Detailed feature list and pricing for each module are available here.

In June 2019 PeopleRecruit module was enhanced by powerful pre-screening tests feature, automatic parsing of all fields in uploaded resumes, funnel reporting view for each vacancy and associations of vacancies to clients. On top of that our Mobile app was updated to include a range of PeopleRecruit features.

Employee Screening Tests allow you to check professional knowledge of candidates, save time in the recruiting process and stay unbiased. Now you don’t need to look for a third-party provider of testing software and think how to integrate with your recruiting processes – everything works within PeopleRecruit in a breeze.

You can create an unlimited number of tests and link them to job openings. Tests can include questions with single or multiple correct answer, custom scoring and time limitation. You can send a test to a candidate in a click and get detailed report of each candidates scores and test duration.

Automatic parsing of resumes frees your time from routine of manual entering candidate information to the system. PeopleRecruit will extract all the fields from a candidate’s CV and create his/her profile within the Applicant Tracking System.

We’ve also updated Recruiting reporting functionality and view to include visually clear funnel reporting for a single or a group of vacancies. Now outstaffing and outsourcing companies can use PeopleRecruit as Applicant tracking system for their clients and associate vacancies to clients.

Stay tuned for more exciting and powerful updates from PeopleForce, the best HRM and recruiting tool for IT companies.

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