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October updates 2020

October updates 2020
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October updates 2020

PeopleForce team

We always try to update the PeopleForce system as soon as possible to please you with new or improved features regularly, every month.

This time we focused on improving the system and the current features, improving the UI/UX, but, of course, we didn't forget about the new features you've been waiting for.

What's new?

1. PeopleForce Prospector extension update for Chrome

If you use the PeopleRecruit module, the Google Chrome extension may be available to you (supported in the latest versions of Microsoft Edge (e.g. 85.0.564.68)).

The upcoming update includes:

  • Improvements to parsing from the extension
  • LinkedIn: photo, email, phone, skills, desired position
  • Github: photo, first name, last name, post
  • Djinni: photo, first name, last name, mail, link (candidate must open contacts)
  • Dou: photo, first name, last name
  • The ability to upload a file to an extension and can be used on sites where the integration is not yet installed. You just need to drag the resume file into the box in the extension and after saving the candidate, the file will be sparred in the system and will transfer the necessary information to the candidate's profile.


2. Improved job statistics

It's important to measure the performance of each job, so we are constantly improving the statistics for each job so that we can evaluate it on several fronts at once. So now, when you go into a job detail, you can see the stats by:

  • Sources, which gives you an understanding of which works best for that job.
  • The number of candidates added from different sources over the life of the job.
  • Letters sent and received to candidates: a new metric that lets you assess the percentage of emails sent and opened by candidates.
  • Improved funnel that shows percentages for each stage
  • Salary distribution chart that shows the ratio of the salary "fork" per job to the salary expectations of candidates!

3. Pop-up notifications in the browser

It's sometimes hard to find the right email in the corporate mail and we find ourselves forgetting to confirm vacations or other absence requests from our subordinates. Now, when leave requests are made, managers will not only receive notifications in the mail, but also see them immediately with a new pop-up notification in the browser! Don't miss important notifications.


4. Access rights to reports

We simply could not make this release without this feature. You can now adjust the visibility of reports in each role in the access rights! This will give you the ability to separate HR and Recruiting reports from each other, also hiding payroll reports if necessary.


5. Sentiment monitoring has "moved" to the PeopleHR module.

Conducting surveys on a regular basis is very important, but sometimes we don't have enough time to organize them.

But we still think it's important to understand the general mood of employees, which is why we moved the block for weekly mood monitoring to the PeopleHR module and added new emoji.


You can enable monitoring in the settings, in the General settings block.


Also a reminder that you can see the results of this weekly survey in the report and see the trend over any period of time.


6. More details in the leave request and notification letter

PeopleForce has the ability to get notification when employees are confirmed for vacation, but when there are a lot of them, what if you have multiple offices? What if there are multiple cities? What about countries?

In this update, we've added more details to the alerts and now when you receive a notification in the email you can immediately see not only the person's first and last name, but also the position, department, division and location of the employee.


  • Added a termination line to the headcount report, which will give you insight into which new hires have not passed their probationary period, such as having time to come and go during a selected period of time;
  • Added a team filter to the calendar;
  • Filter by employment type added to each report;
  • Probation end notification can now be set X days before or after;
  • Telegram bot updates: ability to make a mandatory comment, file attachment, and support for a request under 8 hours, which is available in the web version of the system;
  • Added an employee search bar in mass policy assignment in settings;
  • Selecting a default weekend policy for new employees so you don't have to assign it manually every time;
  • Mass recalculation of policy with one click after changes are made;
  • Added filter by date in the job funnel, allowing you to see it for any period;
  • Improved directory search with the ability to get a selection immediately after entering the first letters and numbers without having to click the search button (it's not there anymore).

Go to your accounts to see the changes.

And now a little bit about our plans for the future. Interested?

We're taking a voluminous 180 and 360 assessment functionality that will be available to all users of the PeoplePerform module, and we want to dedicate the entire next release to that.

But in the meantime, in order not to bore you, we'll continue to delight you with "plushies" on other modules that will be released separately from the main release.

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