5 easy ways to improve employee engagement

March 05, 2019

Employee engagement is important in making your company a happier place to work, reduce employee churn and even pay less for recruiting. Engaged employees tend to recommend their company and naturally promote employee brand. It’s one of HR tasks to keep employees engaged. There are variety of ways to improve employee engagement in a company.

Today we’ve collected 5 low-cost or free ways to improve employee engagement.

1. Acknowledgement

That’s probably the most important aspect of employees engagement. If employee feels appreciated and respected, (s)he is less likely to change the company. It is probably the easiest and in the same time hardest way to improve employee engagement. Recognition makes people happier and willing to give back and achieve more. Isn’t it what you want for your company?

2. Internal Communication

Yes, people are social beings. Communication helps to stay informed about company news, and also gives sense of being in a same boat. There are variety of options for improving internal communication. Start a staff-only group on Facebook up or better have your own internal communication dashboard. Not just another employee directory. It is fully functional communication platform with twitter-style tagging people, anniversaries reminders and all you need to keep the conversation flowing.

3. Social events

Friday nights, BBQ weekends, day trips or dinners with top management. Just get employees together and make sure that they get to know each other. Personal contact with colleagues from other departments increases engagement and brings more efficiency in daily work. Isn’t it easier to call a colleague you know in person and solve your issues?

4. Wellness programs

Companies use corporate wellness programs to take care of employees and their health, both physical and mental. Physical activities help employees to reduce stress level and stay active and productive. There are variety of ways HRs can introduce wellness programs. Gym membership, morning yoga classes in the office, wellness challenges or opportunities to ride a bike to work, etc.

5. Engaging onboarding

Celebrate every newcomer to your corporate family. Make it part of your onboarding workflow. PeopleForce allows you to create custom onboarding flows not to forget any step, as every detail matter. Encourage interaction with new employees, your onboarding flow should include engagement and make every new employee feel welcome and appreciated.

It doesn't take much costs to make people feel appreciated and get engaged. However when you're drowning in daily routine tasks, they drain your creativity and energy. That is why we take care of routine with PeopleForce HR Management, so that you could take care of what's really important.

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