Performance reviews

Monitor team performance to make decisions based on staffing reports, gather comprehensive information on employee performance from various perspectives and develop concrete plans for team development.

Evaluate the work of team members from all possible angles

Choose a 90° cycle for employee’s self-assessment, 180° for additional assessment by the line manager, and 360° to include feedback from potential subordinates and colleagues. The number of assessment angles should be selected according to the resources and needs of your company.

Monitor the professional competencies of staff

Before creating the Performance Review Cycle, create a database of professional competencies. These should be specific indicators, on which the evaluation will be based. Use these indicators to clearly describe the level of manifestation of the employee's competencies on the job and make the evaluation process more transparent. Competencies help to see the work of staff from a professional and objective point of view.

Select the evaluation sites and share the results

In the 360° evaluation, the employee can independently propose a list of colleagues with whom he/she interacts when performing tasks. The list is approved by the line manager. The results of the employee's evaluation by peers and colleagues are anonymous to the employee. At the end of the evaluation cycle, the line manager shares the results of the evaluation with the employee and agrees a plan for further development of the team.

Automate your evaluation process at every step

With PeopleForce you don't have to worry about automated dashboards or the assessment process. The system allows you to create the Performance Review cycle and observe the responses in real-time. Get a convenient employee assessment graph that shows the difference between the answers of the participants. The results of the entire evaluation cycle are only available to the author of the cycle and the manager.

Performance review: the most effective appraisal method

PeopleForce provides maximum objectivity in the evaluation. The opinions of all parties involved in the workflow are taken into account without wasting time or making subjective judgements. In addition, the system allows for a broader analysis of each employee or department, taking into account differences in the responses of the evaluation participants. Thanks to a comprehensive report on the evaluation results, better decisions can be made about salaries, internal recruitment, workload changes and burnout prevention.

9-box grid

The system adds standard questions to the evaluation for the competencies "Effectiveness" and "Potential". The 9-box matrix is automatically created from the evaluation of these two competencies. PeopleForce assigns the employee to one of the blocks of the matrix. In this way, you will see which category the employees fall into to help them realize themselves and to draw up a development plan.

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