Managing OKRs and company goals

Track the progress and performance of employees, departments and whole company in a single system.

One OKR system for the whole company

Unite everyone to achieve a common result. Here you got the ability to build a tree of goals, ranging from personal plans to department goals and ending with the main OKRs of the company. This feature will allow you to see a complete picture of the current results and the key direction of development of both the company and each employee.

Management of individual and common goals

The system allows to set employee’s own personal OKRs, for the implementation of which he will be responsible. Both you and your employee can also control it – and at the same time monitor the results of achieving goals throughout the company. This whole process is combined into one scheme (tree) for better results and transparency of communication.

Transparency in OKRs setting and further executing

The tree of goals for the company and employees is open to everyone – this way you involve employees in the overall progress which is impossible without their participation. Need to set goals for a specific position or department? PeopleForce implements a convenient dashboard with filters, downloading, sorting and searching for the information you need just in seconds.

Performance monitoring

Setting OKRs is good, but getting them done on time is even better. Now you will be able to view and download reports for employees, teams and the entire company. Track progress, identify weaknesses, check up the quality of objectives implementation, in order to improve efficiency at all levels.

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