Key performance indicators (KPIs)

KPIs help you a better understanding of employee performance levels and the overall health of your business anytime.

Monitor employee performance

Quantitative performance metrics are a way to translate work processes into numbers that everyone can understand. Once the company can see how it is progressing on the metrics, it is possible to manage the progress of its business. To do this, it is necessary to establish metrics by employee, department, division or project. Choose a period and the system will build the appropriate graph.

Easily manage all company KPIs in a single dashboard

Do you want to keep all KPI’s in one place and always have quick access to them? Then the KPI’s dashboard is for you. This is the control panel from which KPI's are assigned to a person, department, section, etc. The system shows progress by objectives, status and KPI’s met or at risk. Set the units of measurement and keep track of everything that happens, in real-time.

KPI’s tracking from the user's personal page

On the user's personal page, under the "My Activities" entry, there is a KPIs section where employees view and monitor their own KPIs and can update statuses, leave comments and view their target values and progress. Progress is also displayed in graphical form and helps them analyse their performance to reach their goals much faster. Employees also receive reminders from the system if they need to update their progress.

KPI’s analysis with widgets and graphs

You can see the overall status of the company's KPI’s progress in reports. The PeoplePerform section offers analyses containing not only all KPIs created in the company, but also widgets related to planned objectives and objectives at risk. Through filters, you can find the desired objective indicator and view its progress visually in a graph, as well as export the indicators in. xslx or .csv formats.

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