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Building HR processes at Hubbing LATAM with PeopleForce

Case studies timer icon2024-07-03

Building HR processes at Hubbing LATAM with PeopleForce

PeopleForce team

Embark on Hubbing LATAM's remarkable journey with PeopleForce, where the team spearheads the platform's integration into their HR operations, building the department from the ground up. Solange Gunning, Head of Communications and Marketing, utilizes PeopleForce to enhance communication strategies. Gabriela Espósito, the People Analyst, plays a pivotal role in optimizing data management. 

Together, this dynamic team exemplifies the transformative power of PeopleForce in streamlining HR processes and communication dynamics and building an HR from scratch for Hubbing LATAM.

About Hubbing LATAM

Hubbing Latam is a specialized transportation company that excels in transport operations. Their expertise lies in simplifying cargo transportation by applying specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology in the Latin American region. 

The company is responsible for systematically, optimally, and efficiently providing road freight transport services, considering documentary, operational, functional, and geographical aspects.


Why company choose PeopleForce

Gabriela joined the team with previous experience using some automation programs (such as SAP and RH Pro), but processes were not configured, and no program was utilized within the Hubbing LATAM company. Therefore, the decision was made to choose PeopleForce, and our platform became the first experience for the Hubbing LATAM team in creating, optimizing, and automating HR processes.

In PeopleForce, we found a greater power of customization. Throughout the whole process of knowing you, you showed us that you were always working on implementations and improvements. And that gave us the final point to say that you were the ones we wanted to work with.
Solange Gunning
Head of Communications and Marketing Hubbing LATAM

Hubbing LATAM’s key challenges

The company faced significant challenges in its HR processes, primarily relying on outsourcing for hiring, onboarding, and other functions. This led to:

  • A lack of internal process structure and the need for effective creation and management of all aspects related to HR from scratch.
  • Limited internal management control over the hard side of the platform.
  • Reliance on external consulting firms for various HR functions.
  • Lack of a streamlined process from basic search to onboarding.

The key challenges revolved around a fragmented approach to HR, prompting the need for comprehensive internal processes and improved automation within an all-in-one HR platform.

All the processes we have today, from when we start a search to onboarding, didn't exist. I started to create those processes, clearly, the steps that necessarily had to be followed. When PeopleForce arrived, we did everything that could be done through the platform.
Solange Gunning
Head of Communications and Marketing Hubbing LATAM

Key solutions offered by PeopleForce

Building and optimizing the recruitment process

  • Streamlined employee lifecycle management:

Effectively managing the entire employee lifecycle, the team at Hubbing LATAM leveraged the PeopleForce platform to record in-person and virtual interviews, seamlessly upload digital files, and securely store comprehensive documentation, including certificates and legal papers.

  • Centralized HR information hub:

With a focus on efficiency and streamlined operations, the team optimized HR processes using the PeopleForce platform. This allowed them to centralize employee profiles, interview notes, and relevant documents, fostering a comprehensive view of each team member's journey within the organization.

  • Intuitive HR interface with Kanban-like job funnel dashboard:

Enhancing user experience and improving visualization within HR operations, Hubbing LATAM's team utilized the PeopleForce platform to present an intuitive and clear dashboard reminiscent of Kanban. This user-friendly interface displayed all stages of their HR processes, simplifying tracking and decision-making throughout the employee lifecycle.


Automating the HR processes from scratch

  • Efficient HR communication:

The team transitioned to the PeopleForce platform to accelerate collaboration and eliminate the need for extensive email chains within HR workflows. This centralized all HR information, ensuring feedback, employee presentations, and post-interview discussions seamlessly unfolded within their HR profiles.

  • Notification system for HR:

To facilitate timely actions by HR stakeholders, Hubbing LATAM's team relied on the PeopleForce platform's automatic notification system. This assisted in sending timely alerts to individuals involved in specific HR cases, prompting them to log in and access updates promptly. This ensured that all HR stakeholders were informed and able to contribute to timely decision-making.

  • Leaves functionality implementation:

As the vacation request season approaches in Argentina, the team has parameterized all types of leaves, including those for exams and vacation requests, streamlining the process for automated requests. Individuals pursuing studies can also upload their certificates to the system, ensuring centralized and accessible information.

  • Internal survey implementation:

In the ongoing implementation process, the team at Hubbing LATAM is incorporating survey functionality into the PeopleForce platform. The only operational survey is the initial satisfaction survey, which employees complete daily upon entering the system. 

  • Communication and user experience:

Firstly, PeopleForce significantly enhances communication by centralizing information. It simplifies the release and communication of information through an easy and intuitive system. While tutorials are available, the system's user-friendly nature minimizes the need for extensive training. Secondly, the visualization of the organization chart is crucial for the Hubbing LATAM team. As the company grows and new team members are added, the platform provides a dynamic and easily accessible organization chart. This feature ensures quick identification of reporting structures and fosters efficient organizational communication.


Onboarding to PeopleForce

The onboarding journey for Hubbing LATAM onto the PeopleForce platform spanned approximately two months and involved only 3 key contributors. The integration involved progressive tool adoption through interviews and collaborative sessions with PeopleForce, focusing on parameterization and testing.

Transitioning from analog processes (relying on Excel and paper) to a fully digital platform marked a transformative shift. Commencing file uploads in August 2023, the team is currently addressing tax-related matters while actively utilizing the PeopleForce platform. The team's collaborative effort and dedication ensured a smooth and effective onboarding experience, highlighting the success of transitioning from traditional HR practices to a more streamlined and digital approach.

There were some tasks that we needed to order and parameterize to upload them in an organized way because we started an HR from zero, with only an Excel file and paper documents. So, we transitioned from something very analog to a completely digital system, and that’s something.
Solange Gunning
Head of Communications and Marketing Hubbing LATAM

Top 3 advantages of PeopleForce as highlighted by Hubbing LATAM

  • Efficient centralization of HR processes. PeopleForce significantly streamlines HR processes by centralizing crucial information. The platform's capability to consolidate employee data, leave requests, and documentation into a unified system eliminates the need for scattered email communication.
  • Enhanced data ownership and continuity. The platform facilitates a shift from email-centric operations to a structured system where data belongs to the company, not individual HR personnel.
  • Intuitive user experience and communication. Hubbing LATAM highlights the PeopleForce platform's intuitive nature as a key advantage. The system's user-friendly design and easy predictability create a positive user experience.

Hubbing LATAM's positive experience with PeopleForce

The PeopleForce platform is highly intuitive and lacks any encrypted or hard-to-decode elements. Its agility is noteworthy, as it manages to be both intuitive and efficient without an overwhelming number of steps for each procedure. The interface stands out, aligning seamlessly with our company's image. It complements our current design aesthetics with clarity, an uncluttered layout, and friendly, clear colors. Overall, it enhances the user experience and harmonizes with our company's design approach, creating a win-win situation.
Solange Gunning
Head of Communications and Marketing Hubbing LATAM

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