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How Addepto transformed its business operational processes with PeopleForce

How Addepto transformed its business operational processes with PeopleForce
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How Addepto transformed its business operational processes with PeopleForce

PeopleForce team

Explore how we partnered with Addepto, a leading Polish technology company, to streamline and centralize their operations using PeopleForce. In an exclusive interview, Tina Toutounchi, People & Culture Manager, reveals how they optimized their work and business processes with our all-in-one HR platform.

About Addepto

Addepto is a leading technology partner specializing in crafting tailored AI, machine learning, and business intelligence solutions for a diverse clientele. With headquarters in Warsaw, Addepto's expertise lies in delivering end-to-end, full-stack solutions that address the unique needs and requirements of businesses, from startups to large enterprises. Their team of experts brings extensive experience, ensuring innovative and reliable technology solutions that drive growth and success for their partners.

The challenge

Addepto encountered several significant challenges as they sought a comprehensive platform to address their diverse requirements:

  • Information accessibility:

The necessity for a solution that not only displays employee information but also allows for the possibility of finding people with specific skills within the team.

  • Document management:

The need to store, access, and organize some documents for each employee within a unified system.

  • Automated reminders:

The demand for a system capable of sending timely reminders and notifications for significant dates, effectively maintaining them in the HR team's shared calendar, to eliminate the need for manual entry into Google calendar.

  • Feedback and evaluation:

The requirement for a platform enabling the HR team to efficiently organize feedback meetings, securely store evaluation-related materials, and streamline the performance assessment process.

Overall, as a rapidly growing company, Addepto faced the challenge of efficiently managing its expanding team within one platform. There was a clear need for a solution to streamline processes, eliminate the requirement to maintain information in different calendars or personal notes and bring coherence to their HR functions.

While the team had been using certain tools for absence monitoring, the desire was to find a single platform that could consolidate and simplify these processes on a daily basis. PeopleForce emerged as an excellent assistant in this regard.

"We found PeopleForce through the usual market research. I reached out to colleagues and friends from other companies and explored online options ー that's how we determined that PeopleForce is the most optimal platform we can rely on."
— Tina Toutounchi, People & Culture Manager at Addepto

Solutions with PeopleForce

All-in-one platform for simplifying processes on a daily basis

Addepto utilizes everything that the PeopleHR module has to offer: announcements, calendars, document storage within employee folders, and more. This helps managers and employees quickly understand what's happening in the company.

The company also makes use of the knowledge base, where they store and distribute information for use by all employees. Before PeopleForce, Addepto had a separate tool for this purpose, so the team was pleased to eliminate the need to access another space, thanks to the unified platform.


Elevating communication and feedback

One distinct advantage is the use of performance functionality of PeoplePerform module. The company has scheduled 1:1 meetings for employees and managers, and this stage of communication, discussion, and feedback collection is ongoing. Following this, the company plans to progress further and explore the possibilities of PeoplePerform.


Reinventing work schedules and leave policies

Addepto uses leave policies, and they do so in a rather interesting and advanced manner. Do you remember when we only understood the possibility of taking time off? Well, in this company, the policies have been configured so that employees can mark when they want to work specifically in the office. This is a true reflection of the impact of remote work over the years.

"It's very convenient to see that there will be people in a particular office today, and this policy in no way deducts days off from an individual."
— Tina Toutounchi, People & Culture Manager at Addepto

Onboarding to the PeopleForce

The onboarding process to the HR platform was efficiently managed with one customer success manager from the PeopleForce side and two from Addepto's side. The transition and system setup took just under a month, including detailed discussions, but the core processes were constructed and developed within a few weeks.

"Our manager, Janusz Gorka from PeopleForce, was highly communicative and flexible in our collaboration, dedicating maximum attention to our case. Ideally, I can say that the transition could take just a week, with the key being to allocate time from the client's side. We took our time during onboarding, and the result fully satisfied us within a month."
— Tina Toutounchi, People & Culture Manager at Addepto


PeopleForce’s role in empowering Addepto’s team

"The team continued to work in their usual rhythm but gained the ability to see all the important information both within the platform and in convenient emails automatically sent by the platform in case of any actions or events. To a greater extent, PeopleForce helped our managers manage certain processes more effectively; now it's convenient for us to find data, spend less time on it, and understand where everything is located."
— Tina Toutounchi, People & Culture Manager at Addepto

Top 3 advantages of PeopleForce as highlighted by Addepto

  • Extensive functionality and the ability to store diverse Information in one unified place
  • Smooth onboarding with a dedicated customer success manager
  • Competitive pricing

Addepto's positive experience with PeopleForce


Stay connected with us, as this is just the first stage of automation in Addepto's journey. In six months, we'll circle back to share updates on the team's evolution and the additional functionalities they have explored and embraced.

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