How HR software helps reducing company costs?

January 17, 2023

Before buying software to help their HR specialists and recruiters, top management often wonders how expensive it will be. After all, special tools cost money, and it will take time to learn how to use them. Therefore, it’s crucial for HR professionals to emphasize the importance and usefulness of HR software.

What resources can you optimize by purchasing HRM software?

Increased employee efficiency

According to SHRM, a company can save 10 to 15 hours of work per week thanks to HRM software. This is due to the specialist being provided with access to programs that automate routine work related to documents, correspondence, sending and monitoring vacancies, etc. 

This can save up to 90% of an employee’s day to day working time, which is usually spent on routine administrative tasks. Also, losing an employee costs an average European company up to €43,000, of which €6000 accounts for the cost of recruiting and finding the perfect replacement, representing a major inefficiency that HRM software can help with.

Reduced cost of training and onboarding

It's no secret that companies spend a lot of money on training specialists, but what about those who have a limited budget for onboarding and advanced training? HRM software can help via automated recruitment programs where you can provide all the instructions and examples required for training in one go.