How to organize matrix teams with an HR platform

May 01, 2023

Does your company have a matrix team structure? If it does, this means that employees are integrated both into the usual linear organizational structure and into functional teams. That is - they have two managers, a department head and a team leader. 

Managing such a structure can be challenging, with responsibilities needing to be distributed, stress levels kept low, and misunderstandings avoided. 

Sounds familiar? If you are also looking for HRM functionality, PeopleForce is the platform you need to comprehensively support matrix structures.

Form teams in the employee directory

Our HRM system has a directory of employees where all information relevant to staff members is taken into account, including organizational and matrix structures. 

Here you can see a linear display of who reports to whom in the company, and separately - the created teams.

This is how the project team looks: It is possible to add a team lead, as well as everyone who is part of the team, and display their line department, position and location. 

This makes it much easier for employees to navigate and understand who to contact regarding questions on a specific project.

Quickly search for employees by filters

If the company has a large number of employees it can be difficult to search for them according to their team. But in PeopleForce we have thought of everything - we have a convenient "Team" filter that gives you quick access to team members you need to reach.