Your HR reporting and analytics will always be relevant and timely, because system will automatically generate them at any moment, taking the latest data from the database.
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Headcount Reporting

Don’t get caught without the critical HR data you need for management. All your HR data is available with one click.

PeopleForce provides a monthly HR Headcount report, anytime.

Capacity Reports

Planning your next big tech project? You’ll definitely need to know if you have sufficient resources. Waiting for project managers’ emails with capacity estimates takes time, while strategic decisions in a competitive market need to be quick, yet informed.

PeopleForce has taken care of that too, it will generate a detailed capacity report for the entire company. Make project resources decisions, quickly, based on accurate resource data, all through our easy-to-use interface.

Employee Satisfaction (eNPS)

PeopleForce comes with one of the most popular and informative HR metrics for tracking employee satisfaction. Schedule Employee Net Promoter Score surveys, send them out to employees and collect responses easily.

Detailed analytics of employee satisfaction and their anonymous feedback are collected in a single dashboard for management to make informed decisions.

Check Employee Satisfaction (eNPS) page for details on how it all works.

Leave Balance Reporting

PeopleForce not only tracks Leave days and Days-Off, but also forms a detailed and easily customizable leave balance report.

The report shows both Annual leave days and their breackdown of sick leave and without pay leave types. You are free to generate Leave balance report for individual employee, a group of them or all employees of the company as a whole.

The Leave balance report can be easily exported to excel or .csv format for further analysis and processing.

Did you know that we have a mobile application?
Not only a browser extension but also a full-fledged PeopleForce mobile application. It is integrated with the online system for easy access.
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