“Performance review“ event at People First Club

Name: “Performance review“ 

When: Tuesday, 30 of August, 6 PM GMT+3 (11 AM Eastern Time)

Where: online

Price: we'll donate 50% of the raised funds to support Ukraine ❤️

Registration:  https://bit.ly/PFC-Performance-Review

How to unlock the potential of your people? 

Join Jennie Yang, Vice President, People & Culture and Shannon Derbyshire, Strategic People Partner at 15five at the “Performance review“ event at People First Club. Here’s what we’ll talk about:

🎯 How to create a fair, objective, and unbiased performance review

Jennie and Shannon will guide you through designing and structuring an effective performance review. We'll discuss important factors to consider while creating the review process, how to determine its timeline, and much more.

🤔 How to use reviews to understand your company's talent density

First, we'll talk about determining questions to ask your people to receive meaningful review results. Then we'll continue with how to utilize these results to determine what performance problems are actually worth solving.

🌟 How to leverage performance review data to take action

Don't stop at the review! Discover the other data points you should be looking for and how does job crafting as a way of retention work.

Bonus: Ask your questions at the Q&A session!