Artificial intelligence in HR

Artificial intelligence (AI) is optimizing the way companies hire, manage, and retain talent. From automated resume screening to intelligent chatbots, AI is being used as a supportive tool in companies of all sizes today, but often we don't even think about how these technologies affect our work life. 

One of the ways AI is used is in resume screening and candidate selection. Using machine learning algorithms, employers can quickly review hundreds or even thousands of applications in a matter of minutes with the help of applicant tracking systems. They help to select qualified applicants, saving resources for all parties involved in the hiring process. 

AI can also be useful in predictive analytics, i.e., using data on vacancies, candidates, previous hiring experience, or performance evaluation to identify patterns or trends. This allows the company gets the best candidates based on certain criteria, such as qualifications, experience level, etc. AI also helps to reduce hiring costs by screening out unsuitable candidates.

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