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Top 12 use cases of how ChatGPT will shape the HR industry in 2023

Top 12 use cases of how ChatGPT will shape the HR industry in 2023
HR Tech timer icon2023-02-09

Top 12 use cases of how ChatGPT will shape the HR industry in 2023

Mariia Kushniruk

The future of AI is finally here. How much has been said about how this time would come, and how smart programs would produce everything for us? If you didn’t already know, such a program has already been released.

In 2022, San Francisco based AI research laboratory OpenAI launched the AI bot ChatGPT — and our lives will never be the same again.

How will ChatGPT impact the HR industry?

Automation using AI bots can radically change the life of recruiters and HR specialists. Given that ChatGPT is planned to implement new features you should try to master this bot as early as possible. Then, in the future, you will already have proven use cases, and it will be easier for you to navigate this brave new world.

As an employer who searches for trends (and we are sure that you fall into this category), we recommend that you be especially attentive to the reduction of resources spent on writing texts, document templates, summaries — anything that is not difficult but rather time-consuming. Especially if the AI bot itself can handle the task.

Speaking of the issues that ChatGPT can handle, here are some practical examples of how the AI chatbot simplifies HR.


All the use cases ChatGPT could provide for you.

How to use ChatGPT in recruiting

Job descriptions

This is the simplest case. Ask the bot to write a job description, for example, for a Senior JavaScript Developer position.


ChatGPT could provide users with simple and powerful job descriptions within seconds.

As you can see, OpenAI made the ChatGPT interface very minimalistic. ChatGPT chatbot responds with a fully-fledged description where you just need to enter data about location, salary, ongoing work schedule, etc. Otherwise, it is the same description that a recruiter would work with, but would spend a lot more time on it. With ChatGPT, it took about 10 seconds.

Interview questions

The next thing you can do is to list the interview questions for the candidate for that position.


You can ask a generative AI bot to make your questions as human as possible.

Adjust the number of questions or paragraphs you want in the request: 5, 10, 20, ChatGPT will come up with as many as you asked for.

Employee welcome letter

Another good example is asking the bot to generate a welcome letter for a newly hired candidate.


Large language models will drive your recruitment routine.

You can specify the length of the text to the bot. Here we asked it to include no more than 500 characters. In case you have a limit on the length, it's a great way to consider everything in the request at once.

What else should you use ChatGPT for in recruiting and hiring as an HR manager?

  • To collect resume templates and cover letters
  • To make a description of a company's career website
  • To help write ad text for job vacancies
  • To help conduct market research in a specific region
  • To summarize a candidate’s resume

Could ChatGPT help HR managers to build an employee onboarding plan?

This is a good question about onboarding new professionals; what about the specific steps of the onboarding program? Say, newbies for a tech company? Ask the bot to write an onboarding program for a software company.


The bot made by OpenAI has the ability to arrange a high-quality onboarding plan.

The language model prepares a very simple but effective onboarding guide. Of course, this is not a fully-fledged tasks chain for onboarding that we can take to work. But what if we refine the task for the bot's search engines?

Onboarding plan for HR managers

Suppose we ask it to write a chain of 15 tasks for onboarding a technical specialist to be performed by an HR manager.


The output is a working scheme covering how an ideal onboarding process should be implemented by an HR department. This scheme can be taken to work and schedule each of the assignments in the HRM systems, using workflows to automate them.

What about offboarding?

The employee exit process has many tasks that need to be considered to ensure that former colleagues are satisfied and can subsequently recommend the experience at your organization to their acquaintances. Use ChatGPT to collect, for example, questions for the exit interview.


You can use AI generated text to plan offboarding.

Given the inputs, ask the bot to generate questions that would, including different feedback from the employee, both the positive and negative aspects of working at the company.

How does ChatGPT mentor HR departments and suggest solutions?

Challenging situations can happen in an organization at any time. Let's say that an employee is dissatisfied with communication with their team or position, or perhaps their expectations of the employer do not match the real life scenario. What do you do in this case? ChatGPT can serve as a mentor, the user could ask the bot for advice.


Use AI-driven knowledge to communicate with your team and provide it with a clear and understandable message.

Use the search engine to regulate terminations, and choose the right words for competent communication on team changes, resignations, failures to pass the probation period, etc.

How ChatGPT can boost a company’s employer brand

Mission and values

Let's give the bot the task of creating a list of values for our fictional brand that we can later incorporate into our corporate culture. Let's do it creatively.


Make a list of corporate values for your career site.

Similarly, we can ask the bot to create a framework for the company's values and mission. All this affects the development of the modern employer brand.


Candidates are looking for companies with a competitive value proposition, that is, you should know ahead of time what to offer your employee as part of an ethical approach to work.

What happens when we ask to design an employee value proposition on ChatGPT?


Make an EVP for your website.

When creating an EVP you need to specify your inputs, i.e. what you want to see in the message, and what you want your team to be distinguished by. Experiment and ask the bot to add more nuance to its response.

Could ChatGPT help produce engagement surveys?

Let's dig deeper and think about what specific processes bots can help with. For example, could it help to design an engagement survey?

Let's ask it to make a questionnaire or a feedback form to assess the level of employee engagement.


Use OpenAI bot to receive employee feedback.

At our request, the bot gave us 20 ready-made questions that you can upload to your HRM system tools and conduct a fully-fledged survey for users.

But let's say we want to consult with the ChatGPT bot about what kind of surveys are rational to conduct at the company in general.


Ask ChatGPT to name your most valuable surveys to collect more feedback.

Now take a look down the list and see if you're doing all the surveys yourself at your company, or if you're missing something. Either way, know that ChatGPT will help you create any of those listed.

How ChatGPT handles different descriptions and templates for Human Resource Management tasks

Often we just need help in describing various details of an HR routine. ChatGPT is sent to us by fate here because it copes with descriptions perfectly.

What exactly can we describe?


Competency descriptions for the Performance Review method

  • Letter templates for different types of communication either with candidates or employees
  • Description of objectives and key results, as well as employee KPIs
  • Templates for discussing various topics in 1-on-1 meetings
  • Summaries of 1-on-1 meetings
  • Templates for employee development plans

Ask ChatGPT to search for the world's best examples of development plans.

Does the ChatGPT search engine have disadvantages?

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman himself is rather cautious about the program's future: 'I do think there's a change that will probably come at some point — but not as dramatically as people think in the short term', he said in a recent interview.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bot's knowledge is not limitless. OpenAI demonstrates the capabilities of the GPT-3.5 platform, which owned the database up until 2021. Accordingly, the bot does not possess information that came later, neither about current events, nor about new trends. This includes recent developments and improvements that can be applied to HR work.

Will ChatGPT replace your HR department?

This question is akin to the eternal "can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece"... although wait, ChatGPT is already close to that, because it already writes lyrics.

Okay then, you have our word that in Human Relations, no machine learning or artificial intelligence can yet replace a quality specialist. We need experts who will make the challenges of our time as easy as possible for team members, as well as open and engaging. This AI bot can't do that yet, but no one said HR professionals can't enjoy the power of automation in the interim.

In the future, a new version of ChatGPT technology really has the potential to impact the labor market and lead to the automation of many processes.

We look forward to the next OpenAI releases to fully embrace our digital future.

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