Top 12 use cases of how ChatGPT will shape the HR industry in 2023

February 09, 2023

The future of AI is finally here. How much has been said about how this time would come, and how smart programs would produce everything for us? If you didn’t already know, such a program has already been released.

In 2022, San Francisco based AI research laboratory OpenAI launched the AI bot ChatGPT — and our lives will never be the same again.

How will ChatGPT impact the HR industry?

Automation using AI bots can radically change the life of recruiters and HR specialists. Given that ChatGPT is planned to implement new features you should try to master this bot as early as possible. Then, in the future, you will already have proven use cases, and it will be easier for you to navigate this brave new world. 

As an employer who searches for trends (and we are sure that you fall into this category), we recommend that you be especially attentive to the reduction of resources spent on writing texts, document templates, summaries — anything that is not difficult but rather time-consuming. Especially if the AI bot itself can handle the task.

Speaking of the issues that ChatGPT can handle, here are some practical examples of how the AI chatbot simplifies HR.

All the use cases ChatGPT could provide for you.

All the use cases ChatGPT could provide for you.

How to use ChatGPT in recruiting

Job descriptions

This is the simplest case. Ask the bot to write a job description, for example, for a Senior JavaScript Developer position.