Attendance policy

What is the attendance policy?

What is an attendance policy?

An attendance policy is a set of rules regarding the work hours and presence of employees within an organization. It helps manage employees effectively, track attendance, and maintain productivity and cost efficiency.

Small businesses, large corporations, and institutions all create attendance policies. These are usually documents that provide employees with information on:

  • when they should be present at work;
  • how to report their absences;
  • how to utilize their leave;
  • how their work time will be recorded.

An organization's attendance policy must always comply with labor law regulations and other legal requirements.

Elements of an employee attendance policy

No one-size-fits-all template exists for an attendance policy, as the staffing needs of companies vary. The final form of an attendance policy is influenced by factors such as the type of organization, its goals, and the prevailing organizational culture. However, all attendance policies share the requirement to follow legal regulations.

A well-constructed attendance policy addresses areas such as:

  • General attendance requirements, including expected work hours, shift durations, lateness policies, etc.
  • Absences, including definitions and procedures for reporting absences, as well as related documentation details.
  • Consequences of not adhering to attendance policy rules, including information on penalties and disciplinary actions.
  • Leave policy, including information on types of leave and their accrual and usage rules.
  • Work time recording, describing the methods and software used for registration and tracking attendance.
  • Legal compliance, referencing the legal bases and regulations governing;
  • Additional information, e.g., about the possibility of adapting the policy to special circumstances.

Each area needs to be clearly defined. The attendance policy should provide straightforward instructions for every role in the company, ensuring no employee is confused about how their work hours are tracked.

Attendance tracking software

Attendance tracking software comprises tools that facilitate organizations in monitoring and managing employees' work time. These can be single-function applications, such as simple time trackers, or solutions that are part of HR systems.

An excellent example of such an integrated solution is the PeopleTime product – part of the PeopleForce HR platform, which automates HR processes like managing attendance and recording work time. PeopleTime makes it simple to develop attendance policies tailored to various locations, departments, and roles, offering an attendance policy template to guide the process.

Implementing attendance tracking software offers a company numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of human errors in attendance recording.
  • Shorter time spent on administrative tasks related to employee attendance.
  • Quick access to attendance data, facilitating decision-making and strategic planning for managers and HR specialists.
  • Increased employee engagement, as they can manage certain attendance-related functions themselves, e.g., submitting leave requests in the system.

Reviewing the attendance policy

An attendance policy should support the organization's goals and meet the needs of employees. However, its rules can become outdated fast due to the ever-changing business environment and labor market dynamics. In these situations, the appropriate work time and attendance tracking software can help, allowing for the easy and adaptable modification of attendance rules for specific roles.


An attendance policy facilitates maintaining discipline and productivity within a team. Thanks to clear rules, employees know what is expected of them, which is an important element in building a positive employer image.

Designing and overseeing attendance policies becomes simpler with suitable software. There are many choices, from specific applications to comprehensive HR systems that streamline attendance and time tracking tasks. These systems allow for customizable attendance rules and offer numerous features and options for self-management. Such tools not only make policy management more flexible, but also improve employee engagement and overall team efficiency.

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