Career growth

Career growth is a job or financial change in an employee’s career based on professional and personal qualities.

Career growth types

There are three types of career advancement: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Each of them has its pros & cons.


It’s a career growth within one company. For example, an employee signs up as a Junior Development, and eventually becomes Middle, and then Senior, etc. This type of career advancement has advantages and disadvantages. 

Strengths of vertical career growth:

  1. Success;
  2. Satisfying ambitions;
  3. High payment;
  4. Great opportunities;
  5. Useful contacts.

Weaknesses of vertical career growth:

  1. Great responsibility;
  2. Busy schedule;
  3. Irregular working hours;
  4. More administrative tasks;
  5. Tensions with employees.


Diagonal career growth is the transfer of a specialist to a new company with a position higher than at the previous work place.

Strength of diagonal career growth:

  1. Dynamism;
  2. New acquaintances;
  3. Pay rise.

Weaknesses of diagonal career growth:

  1. Bad reputation as an irregular worker;
  2. Infusion into a new team;
  3. Lack of competence if a person climbs up the career ladder too quickly.


It is the transfer to a new company for the same position with a pay rise. Another interpretation of the term “horizontal career growth” is deepening competencies and expanding responsibility within one position.

Strength of diagonal career growth:

  1. Pay rise
  2. Professional development
  3. Less area of responsibility than vertical growth.

Career growth and professional development: what’s the difference?

Career growth, in most cases, is impossible without professional development is the personal improvement in line of work, acquiring new skills, and work experience that can help achieve a career goal.

Together, growth and development form the backbone of a successful career plan that brings satisfaction and good rewards.

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