Employee database

What is employee database?

Employee database represents a set of all data and information about employees of the company stored and managed in certain form.

Oldschool forms of databases included journals, employee cards and folders. However, nowadays HR specialists scan and store hardcopy documents of employees digitally within HR management systems, like PeopleForce.

Employee database provides HR specialists with opportunity to:

  • Onboard new hires;
  • Offboard those employees, who leave the company for whatever reasons;
  • Keep personal information of employees up to date;
  • Access historical employment data;
  • Prepare and send verification letters of employment.

PeopleForce implemented employee database functionality in the form of detailed Employee Directory. For example, Employee Directory stores all personal information of employees, including emergency contacts. Employee database holds all historical data on employment, salary, performance appraisals, projects and tasks, timesheets and employees’ leaves. Each employee can add their certifications and licenses, as well as professional skills to their profiles.

PeopleForce HR Management solution also provides additional functionality not only to store, but also to have comprehensive reporting based on employee data. All data in Reporting is easily exportable to excel .csv format.

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