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PDF template: 10 HR workflows that you should automate

PDF template: 10 HR workflows that you should automate
HR Tech timer icon2023-08-27

PDF template: 10 HR workflows that you should automate

Mariia Kushniruk

2022 commenced with a striking revelation by Forbes that couldn't be ignored: stress had firmly gripped the workforce. This revelation came with a startling statistic – 98% of HR professionals grappling with burnout. This critical issue begs a fundamental question: How can you protect your team from worry, stress, and overwhelming workloads without impacting your company's overall performance? 

In the modern digital era, the answer lies in effective workflow automation.

The automated workflows not only bolster employees' mental well-being but also streamline and optimize critical HR processes, including the handling of the company's documents – a linchpin in your business operations.To delve deeper into the potential of workflows, download our PDF template. We explain to you how to automate the 10 most significant workflows that can help you to:

  • Reduce your team's workload for organizational tasks by up to 30%.
  • Improve onboarding rates by 25% while increasing team satisfaction by 15%.
  • Decrease the number of personnel required for repetitive tasks from 7 to 3.
  • Automate more than 10 critical processes, saving your time, attention, and resources.

Learn more about workflows and how to automate them using the HR platform in the article on our official blog.

With PeopleForce you can effortlessly create and manage an array of workflows. Effortlessly handle them, automate task assignments, and elevate HR productivity. Embrace the efficiency of workflows to drive significant improvements in your company's overall performance!

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