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Recruitment tracker template

Talent acquisition timer icon2019-12-25

Recruitment tracker template

Mariia Kushniruk

Recruitment tracker template is a great tool for recruiters. Recruiters screen hundreds of candidates and need to save applicant’s contacts and information. Recruiters need to schedule interviews, get hiring managers’ feedback on candidates and lots of more stuff to save and remember.

What if you have not one job opening, but several vacancies each month? Work of recruiters without software solution and automation can become a nightmare.

Sure, the best way to track applicants is to have a dedicated HR management solution with detailed Applicant Tracking System, like PeopleForce.

However, if you’re still undecided, a simple and free excel tracker template file will help you not to get lost in all the data you have to screen through.

Get organized and store all applicants data in a single file with our free excel template for recruitment tracking. You may copy contents of the first sheet and create similar excel sheets to track applicants for other positions in your company.

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