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January updates 2021

January updates 2021
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January updates 2021

PeopleForce team

We hope the holidays went well for everyone and that most of us have already tuned in to the workflow. With 2021 presenting us with a plethora of opportunities: implementing beloved strategies, leading creative projects, developing new skills, and automating all-around routine processes, we're excited to share the first updates of the year.

In this release, we've touched on three of our most popular modules, made a number of improvements and added new functionality to the PeopleHR, PeoplePerform and PeopleRecruit modules.


1. Document generation for employees

Now more and more companies are moving away from paper-based workflows and trying to digitalize these processes. That's why PeopleForce began to develop functional for generating documents directly in the system and will develop it further, so companies using our solution will switch to digital exchange and signing all documents.

So, what is available now and how to use it?

Each employee's profile has a standard tab "Documents" where you can upload files of any format. Now there is a new button "Generate document*.


You can create templates of the necessary documents in the settings, using the fields that will be automatically pulled from the employee card, such as his/her full name, position, or date of hire. Instructions on how to create a template can be found immediately in the template creation tab.


After clicking on the generation of the desired template, you will get an editable version already with the necessary information about the employee, available for downloading.


Fields that will be pulled up in this version:

### General information about the employee

`{{employee.full_name }}` - First Name

`{{employee.first_name }}` - First name

`{{ employee.last_name }}` - Last name

`{{employee.middle_name }}` - Middle name

### Contacts

`{{ employee.work_email }}` - Work email

`{{employee.email }}` - E-mail

`{{employee.personal_email }}` - Personal email

`{{ employee.mobile_number }}` - Personal phone number

`{{employee.work_phone_number }}` - Work phone number

### Employment data

`{{ employee.position }}` - Position

`{{ employee.division }}` - Division

`{{ employee.department }}` - Department

`{{ employee.location }}` - Location

2. Knowledge base improvements 

In the Knowledge Base tab, we've added the ability to select the icons you want and improved its usability.

Now you can add an unlimited number of articles to each category, but they will be under the "more" button, after clicking on which you can see the entire list of articles.


3. Comments in the Suggestions Window

We want more and more to allow employees to communicate within the system and so now they can leave comments under each other's posts or about ideas they have and they address them to the company.

As a reminder, HR managers can set themselves an alert when an employee adds/posts a new idea.

Stay on top of everything and don't forget to give feedback to employees! 🙂



Tracking candidate sources

Anyone using the PeopleRecruit module will now have access to even more detailed statistics on sources of incoming candidates.

The system has the ability to generate your own open jobs page and share it on various sources, such as job search sites, and even drop it into messengers.

Recruiters can now generate a link to the job page with the exact source they will be using it.

For example:

In a Telegram group, you drop a link with the desired job and when job seekers respond to that link, you'll see the source of the candidate coming into the system.

Or you can place a link with the source "Recommendation" in the company's corporate chat and everyone who responds to that link will be marked with the source - "Recommendation".


2. Google Chrome extension: even more integrations

Every release we improve Peopleforce Prospector to keep candidates in the system faster and more easily.

In this release:

Saving candidates based on responses from Rabota.ua and HeadHunter in all locations where the photo/facial name/email/phone/profile link/ability to upload file to the extension will be parsed.

  • Determining exactly which parameter matched the duplicate candidate (name or link) on LinkedIn. Candidates can sometimes change their link and that's why it's important to still understand if you've kept it before.


1. New overview page

The main focus of PeopleForce earlier this year is to completely complete the Performance module, where every HR can go into the Performance block and see the 1-on-1, OKR's across the company for any period of time!

That's why we've added a general statistics page, which you can already find in the Performance tab on the sidebar in your account! We plan to fully complete the Performance module early this year, stay tuned for updates.



1. Two-factor authentication

We care about the security of your data and so in this release we have added a feature that will allow employees to use two-factor authentication to log into their accounts.

In order to enable this feature, the employee must go to their profile and activate it in their account settings. Next, the system will prompt them to download the Google Authenticator app on iOS or Android, sign up for it and scan the QR code they'll see in PeopleForce.

After this action, every time an employee logs in, the system will ask for the code, which will come from the Google Authenticator app. Inform your colleagues about the importance of activating two-factor authentication in personal accounts for the purpose of information security.


2. Webhooks generation

We've improved the tools we provide to make integration with PeopleForce easier!

We are introducing a new feature that allows you to integrate Webhooks, where you can add multiple endpoints for which you want to publish events.

You can set up hooks to publish to events, to create, update, start date and dismiss an employee. This allows you to trigger events in your system, such as creating a payroll record or updating user data in your accounting system.

There are more improvements ahead. Try the integration today and let us know what other events you'd like us to add to this functionality!


We want to get closer!

We decided to give you access to our Roadmap and to all, even small, features that we are considering adding!

What's more, you can post your own ideas about what you'd like to add to the system and we'll be sure to consider it!

To do so, sign up at this link and keep an eye on the status of all updates, including your ideas!

Available ONLY to PeopleForce customers.

Visit your accounts to see the changes.

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