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Terms of Technical Support

The relevant PEOPLEFORCE contracting entity specified here, (hereinafter “PeopleForce”, “We” or “Us”) and You (hereinafter “Customer”, “You” or “Your”)
For avoidance of doubt, the term “Customer” or “You” shall also include employees or other individuals using the services.

1. Definitions

1.1. The following terms shall have the following meanings:

1.1.1. “Business Hours” means;

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. UTC+2 (UTC+3 in Summer time), Monday-Friday, excluding local national holidays.

1.1.2. “Excess Downtime” refers to any instances when the Service is unavailable to the Customer, excluding periods of Permitted Occurrences.

1.1.3. “Non-Business Hours” means all hours that are not Business Hours.

1.1.4. “Permitted Occurrences” means: (a) scheduled downtime; (b) Service termination due to breach of the Agreement by Customer; (c) disruptions caused by Customer or Authorized Users, whether accidental or intentional; (d) interruptions resulting from delays or disruptions in telecommunications, either from Customer or external third-party services beyond PeopleForce's control; (e) failures due to events or conditions beyond PeopleForce's control, such as governmental actions, war, sabotage, terrorism, embargoes, natural disasters, strikes, third-party negligence, or service provider failures; (f) data feed inaccuracies or errors provided by the Customer; (g) Customer's failure to establish adequate interfaces for Service receipt, where applicable; or (h) emergency maintenance, provided that prior notice, including via email, was given to the Customer.

1.1.5. “Problem” it refers to a flaw in the availability or operation of a function or component of the Service that was functioning correctly initially.

1.1.6. “Main Functionality Software Table” means table under Section 3.5.

1.1.7. “Problem Categories and Response Times Table” means table under Section 3.6.

1.1.8. “Service Availability” this term denotes any period (while the Customer has active access to the Platform) when there is no Excess Downtime, measured on an annual basis.

1.1.9. “Workaround” means a temporary or incomplete solution, employed as a temporary measure to promptly address a problem, which will eventually be substituted with a more  complete solution in the future.

2. Support Services

PeopleForce staff will be accessible to address inquiries and provide assistance in resolving any issues that may arise during the routine operation of the Service. Support will be accessible during regular business hours, and you can contact the team at [email protected]

Furthermore, an online support tool will be at the Customer's disposal as part of the Service.

3. Problem Categories; Response Times

3.1. When the Customer reports a Problem to PeopleForce, PeopleForce will record the issue and address it according to the Response Times outlined in the Problem Categories and Response Times table. Response means the PeopleForce team understanding the problem, informing the Customer about its cause, and providing updates on the progress of the resolution.

3.2. The severity of the Problem will be determined by PeopleForce using the criteria specified in the Problem Categories and Response Times table.

3.3. If the Customer deems the Problem Severity to be Urgent, the Customer's designated representative should indicate this in the subject line of the request. All bug reports must be submitted by authorized individuals on the Customer's side.

3.4. In the event that, despite reasonable efforts by PeopleForce, an Urgent Problem cannot be resolved (including through a patch or workaround) within a reasonable timeframe, PeopleForce will assign a dedicated, qualified resource to work towards a resolution (though it may not guarantee one).

3.5. Main Functionality Software Table

The Main Functionality Software Table lists the key functionalities of our HRM PeopleForce software classified by modules.


Main functionality

General functionality

Login to the software via email and password, creation of an employee, activation and deactivation of access to the software.


Creation of absence requests, approval and rejection of absence requests, calculation of absence balances;


Creation, editing and viewing of vacancies; creating and editing a candidate, moving a candidate through the job funnel, reviewing the candidate database; creating and sending a job offer, acceptance of the offer by the candidate; creating and sending an interview invitation letter.


Creating, reviewing and updating OKRs (goals); creating, reviewing and updating KPIs; creating and viewing 1-on-1; creating, submitting, and completing performance evaluations.


Create, send and complete a survey.


Creation, filling, sending and approval of the time table; creating a project, tasks in the project. 


Creating a case, sending a response to the case.

3.6. Problem Categories and Response Times Table

The actions described in the Problem Categories and Response Times Table constitute the Customer's exclusive and ultimate recourse in this matter.

Problem Severity 

Description of Problem

Response Time to Customer

(*in business hours)

Response Time for bug fix

(*in business hours)


Platform is inoperable or not functioning;

An accident that has resulted in the disruption of the basic functionality of the software; Workarounds are not available.

1 hour

up tо 8 (1 day)


An accident that led to a violation of the main functionality of the software;

Production is proceeding but in an impaired fashion.

Workarounds are available.

4 hours

up tо 24 (3 days)


Errors that do not significantly affect the functionality or performance of the software.

Examples: product enhancements, usage questions, cosmetics.

8 hours

up tо 80 (10  days)

4. Service Availability

4.1. PeopleForce aims to ensure a Service availability rate of 99.5%. Consequently, should the availability fall below this target, PeopleForce shall act as outlined below:

Service Availability


99.50% - 100%

No action required

95.00% - 99.50%

Notification to Customer

(under the “status page”)

< 95.00%

5.0% credit for future services

(calculated out of the monthly fee

payable for the period in which

there was Excess Downtime

4.2. It is important to note and agree that the Service will not be accessible during scheduled maintenance. Whenever reasonably possible, scheduled maintenance will be conducted during Non-Business Hours.

4.3. The responsibility for requesting Service Availability credits lies with the Customer and should be done before the Service renewal.

4.4. To clarify, the calculation of availability credits pertains to the Service itself and not the availability of external network or components beyond PeopleForce's control.

4.5. These foregoing actions mentioned above will be the Customer's ultimate and exclusive remedy in this respect.

5. Backup

5.1. Backup by PeopleForce

5.1.1. PeopleForce will carry out backup operations as part of its business continuity measures.

5.1.2. PeopleForce backups the data once a day.

5.2. Backup by Customer

5.2.1. PeopleForce empowers the Customer to independently backups of their data that is managed on the Platform. These backups can be utilized for the purposes of developing, implementing, testing, and maintaining a business continuity plan.

6. Force Majeure Event

In the event of force majeure events, PeopleForce may be exempted from any obligation or delay in fulfilling its commitments. These force majeure events include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural disasters (e.g., floods, earthquakes, hurricanes)
  • Warfare, hostilities, acts of terrorism, or civil disturbances
  • Governmental actions, such as regulatory changes, embargoes, or prohibitions
  • Strikes, labor disputes, or lockouts
  • Epidemics or pandemics

During the Force Majeure period, PeopleForce's obligations under these Terms can be temporarily suspended, and PeopleForce shall not be considered to be in violation of these Terms for the duration of the Force Majeure event.

7. PeopleForce's right to change these Terms of Technical Support

PeopleForce reserves the right to unilaterally change or modify the terms and conditions set forth herein, if it deems it necessary.

Last updated on: 29th February 2024