PeopleForce Prospector

Prospecting Candidates Made Easy

We all know that most time recruiters are busy prospecting candidates from LinkedIn or other headhunting websites. PeopleForce has taken care of that too. No more manual inputs of applicants data from dozens of sources.

All you have to do is to install our PeopleForce Prospector Google chrome extension and collect candidates data while browsing on the web.

Get PeopleForce Prospector extension for Google Chrome and
see how smooth applicants sourcing can be

Get Your Candidates from Any Website

Now all you need to do is to login to PeopleForce Prospector with your PeopleForce account and browse through candidates profile on any website.

PeopleForce prospector will collect candidates information and sync it with job openings you have. Continue with recruiting process in Applicant Tracking System, all sourced candidates are already there!


Ready to Explore More?

PeopleForce Prospector is just a small part of robust recruitment features that PeopleForce has to offer. Book a demo now and we’ll guide you through the PeopleForce

Didn't you know we had a mobile app?

PeopleForce mobile application is integrated with online version for ease of access and effortless use.

Check them out now!