Benefits administration

What is the employee benefits administration?

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Benefits administration

Benefits administration is the process of negotiating, developing and managing all variety of the benefits an organization provides to its employees.

While functions of Benefits Administrators may vary from company to company, there are some general benefits administrators role in HR department, which includes the following:

  • Develop competitive benefits programme for employees;
  • Include new hires into the benefits programme;
  • Provide trainings for all employees on benefits programmes;
  • Negotiate with partners and suppliers to make sure that the company’s benefit program remains competitive;
  • If employees use benefits – dealing with invoices, or managing the invoicing process by delegating it to the company's financial services.

In order to streamline the process companies usually use special software for benefits management and administration. Such software keeps track record of all information on each employees enrollment profile, like hire date, marital state, hours worked, leave and attendance records. All of these functionalities are supported by PeopleForce as well.

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