Employee engagement

What Is employee engagement? Definition and measurement

Employee engagement in HR means positive emotional attachment and relation, that employees feel towards the company.  Employee relation to their work, job, colleagues and corporate culture of the company is what creates engagement.

People are emotional beings, so this sense of emotional connection and attachment is crucial for employees’ well being and efficiency at work.

Here we have collected 5 easy ways for you to improve employee engagement.

However engagement is more than just activities and games. It is one of those factors, that drive employee performance. Engaged employees have full vision of the company, know their purpose and how they contribute to overall success of the business. Companies, which have better engaged employees have a higher earning per share (EPS) and can more quickly recover after downturns.

How to measure employee engagement?

Engagement is one of those abstract terms, that is quite hard to track or improve. Remember, you can’t control, what you can’t measure.

Best way to measure employee engagement is to run a survey. First you need to start with readiness assessment. Then communicate the reasons behind initiating engagement surveys.

Usually engagement surveys include measurement of the performance, strategic alignment, competency and employee satisfaction. If you need just an indicator of whether employees are engaged or not, short surveys with a few questions might be ok. However, if you need a more thorough understanding of high or low engagement and their underlying reasons, your need a survey of at least 50 questions, including open-ended questions.

Make sure to communicate the results and take action on survey results. This makes employees' actions meaningful, increases their confidence and motivation of employees, as they have evidence that their voice is heard and their opinion matters. This is also an element that builds employee engagement.

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