Employee net promoter score (eNPS)

What is employee net promoter score (eNPS)?

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Employee net promoter score (eNPS)

The Employee Net Promoter Score calculation (eNPS) is one of the most simple, yet efficient ways to measure employees loyalty to the company. Among variety of reasons why loyalty is important we would like to stress the following:

  • Loyal employees are more committed to the company and its business. They work harder and show better results.
  • Loyal employees reduce you recruitment costs. They stay longer with the company and recommend their friends as job candidates.

Employee Net Promoter Score calculation

eNPS is calculated as the percentage of difference between happy and unhappy employees. Employee Net Promoter Score measures the level of employees’ happiness with the employer by their answer to a pretty simple question:

“On a scale from zero to ten how likely would you recommend our company as a place to work to a friend or a colleague?” and a follow up optional comment field “Why so?”.

Employee Net Promoter Score calculation results in one number, which is easy to follow up and compare dynamics over time. Another important aspect of eNPS efficiency is higher response rates, as compared to more complex surveys with multiple questions.

As a result you get not only metric of employees’ “happiness” with your company, but also employee segments, as follows:

Promoters are those employees, who answered 9 or 10. Promoters are considered to be the most loyal employees. They will be enthusiastic to recommend working at your company. In general promoters also act as employer brand ambassadors among their peers. However, don’t get relaxed, if you see 9-10 in most of the responses. In no way that means that you should not care about these employees’ satisfaction. It’s a continuous process and every day and working process matters.

Passives includes employees, who answered 7 or 8 to the scale of Employee Net Promoter Score calculation. Passives display neutral behavior. They are not necessarily negative towards the company, but at the same time, they are not fully loyal. You should focus on issues that bother them to eliminate negativity and improve their employee engagement. Your goal would be to bring them up to Promoters.

Detractors is the segment of employees, who answered 0-6 and are unlikely to recommend your company. In working with detractors it is important first to identify reasons for that and take action on those issues.

PeopleForce provides you with built-in automated employee net promoter score calculation. PeopleForce will automatically calculate eNPS metrics to show you employees loyalty measurement in a graph over time. You can track eNPS level by time and departments. This will allow you to track employee satisfaction and reveal possible bottlenecks.

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