Hiring process

The process of hiring a co-worker mainly means the adaptation and socialization of a new person in the company. The hiring process is a mechanism and a set of procedures defined by the organization to help the new employee to socialize, find the necessary skills and knowledge and get acquainted with the culture and processes of the company.

According to the HR-experts, hiring staff should not be just a formal procedure, but a strategic process that can last up to a year. The high level of retention of staff on the job depends in part on the first few months spent by the employee at the place of employment. The working process of enrollment in the staff helps new employees to join the organization and become an effective part of the team.

Before the official start of the adaptive program and the development of working processes of socialization of the employee, the human resources department and the company management must consider several key points:

  • When will the adaptive process start;

  • What period of time will the adaptation process take;

  • What you would like the new employees to feel and experience on their first day on the job;

  • What will be the role of the HR department in the adaptation process;

  • Who else can become a part of the adaptive process (colleagues, managers, someone else);

  • What newcomers need to know about the company's corporate culture and work environment;

  • What goals will be set for those who have recently arrived, and how will they differ from the goals of other employees of the organization;

  • How do you plan to receive feedback from employees, evaluations of their success.

Processes during the hiring to the staff

The hiring and employment procedures are separate processes. However, they often overlap with each other. Recruiters and the hiring process are your organization's first contact with a potential employee. They are the ones who form the initial impression of the employer during the recruitment process, so each and every detail counts.

New potential employees form their first opinion about your company, so be sure it will be correct:

  • Write a clear job description (with a specific list of duties of the employee);

  • Tell you how the hiring procedure works (with a report describing each process);

  • Monitor and communicate with potential candidates at every stage of the hiring process;

  • Provide applicants with comprehensive information on how your company reviews resumes and personal data;

  • Ensure a clear and sensitive call sheet (both negative and positive result of the interview).

Even if the hiring process is completed, the hiring does not have to end with setting up a desk and giving you a break. You can continue the employment process for up to 6-12 months for the sake of getting more benefits. These include on-the-job training, productivity control and optimization, as well as maintaining the highest level of retention of employees in the company through continuous training processes.

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