Hiring process

What is the hiring process?

What is the hiring process?

The hiring process is often confused with recruitment however it is in fact a separate stage of the recruitment process. Hiring refers to the method by which a company decides on its final candidates for a specific vacancy and then goes through the process of selecting one of them to fill it.

The process of hiring new employees refers to the recruitment of new team members as part of the recruitment process. It’s based on a predetermined mechanism covering a number of procedures designed to help the candidate become fully acquainted with their new colleagues and the team's culture, and learn the requisite skills needed to work effectively.

The hiring process is multifaceted and depends on the specific requirements of each company, however, the following factors should always be considered:

  • The overall length of the hiring process, where the recruiter communicates clearly to the prospect;

  • What job offer do you give to your selected candidate based on his/her preferences?

  • Who is responsible for overseeing the hiring process?

  • Who will participate in the hiring process?

  • What newcomers will need to know about the company's corporate culture and work environment before joining;

  • How will you communicate feedback to both unsuccessful and successful candidates

Key hiring process steps

If your hiring process includes the above-mentioned factors then the next step is to organize and create a detailed step-by-step plan:

  • You begin by deciding on a shortlist of candidates you will consider for final interviews. This marks the transition into the hiring process stage.
  • Then contact the individuals shortlisted and arrange final interviews. Some companies may also ask them to perform a screening test.
  • Conduct the interviews with all shortlisted candidates and then collate the conclusions of the hiring team.
  • Go over their findings with all involved stakeholders in the hiring process, and then decide on the final candidate. Some companies may choose to perform a background and/or criminal record check at this stage.
  • Draw up a formal job offer, make sure it’s agreed upon with all stakeholders at the company, and then inform the chosen candidate.
  • If the candidate agrees make sure they’re able to sign an official agreement. For remote jobs make sure they can provide an e-signature.
  • Then move on to introduce them to their new immediate colleagues. If not, you can make the job offer to the second-placed candidate.

How long should the hiring process take?

The hiring process usually ends with the agreement to and signing of a final job offer. The overall length of time it takes to get to this period is not lengthy and should be completed ASAP. After this takes place you then move on to the onboarding process where team acclimation and training programs begin.

The most common circumstance where the hiring process may be delayed is when the chosen backs out at some point. As mentioned above if this happens you can move to the second-placed candidate and make them a job offer, and move further down the candidate list if they too refuse.

How do you create a personalized hiring process?

Each company is unique and each hiring team needs to develop its own personalized onboarding processes to ensure that it is optimized to the full. Different industries require different levels of key training and expertise, and every business will have different requirements for the staff members it takes on board. You need to create a hiring process that is customizable, adaptable enough to meet changing circumstances yet reliable enough to be consistently deployed.

PeopleForce allows you to seamlessly set up an automated workflow based on your company's operations to create a hiring process that exactly meets the specific requirements of your company. You can define different processes for different levels of the employment force and departments, create a long-term onboarding process with ease, screen candidates without stress, and add or change training and education processes with just a few clicks.

If you’re looking to optimize the hiring process at your company or to start from scratch and build an entirely new system then PeopleForce can help. Get in touch by clicking the link and one of our staff members will launch our own search and onboarding process just for you.

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