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Introducing anonymous cases, various improvements, and more

Introducing anonymous cases, various improvements, and more
timer icon2023-11-06

Introducing anonymous cases, various improvements, and more

PeopleForce team

As you may have noticed, our development team has transitioned to shorter, more meaningful release updates.

This time, we are focusing on GDPR-compliance features and improvements. We are also introducing a whistleblowing feature called "Safe Speak." In addition to that, we are working on enhancing GDPR-related settings, filters, consents, and permissions to ensure compliance with EU regulations on user privacy.

Secure whistleblowing with Safe Speak feature

For those who have been considering or are already using the PeopleDesk product for team case management, there is now an important tool available. Don't miss out: we are introducing Safe Speak, the feature for anonymous reporting (whistleblowing), allowing your employees and candidates to report important issues without disclosing their identity.

To learn more about Safe Speak, please refer to a dedicated guide on this new feature and whistleblowing within the team. Explore how to set up anonymous cases in our knowledge base.

Yes, you heard it right: employees and candidates can create fully anonymous cases from now on. The company will decide whether to share this link with external parties. If you want to ensure everything is in order in your HR processes and recruiting, you can now do so!

The case will be created completely anonymously without revealing the author's identity. The created case will appear in a shared dashboard where it will be visible, and the company can promptly address the issue.

Watch the video to see how the new feature works in practice and what it is used for.

It's important to note that the Safe Speak feature fully complies with the EU Whistleblower directive in companies and provides your team with a secure place where they can be heard.

GDPR compliance improvements

The enhanced and more cohesive approach to GDPR compliance now includes improvements in recruitment to ensure an enhanced GDPR consent process, thus ensuring compliance and data protection:

  • Improved logic of GDPR expiration and statuses

  • Improved the ability to filter candidates based on their GDPR consent status in the vacancy board and candidate database.


Other valuable improvements across the system

Enhancements and additions to the system include:

  • The ability to designate a department responsible for approving leave requests.

  • Two new permissions: one to view employee profiles and another to terminate an employee.

  • The inclusion of Tether (USDT) in the list of supported currencies.

  • The option to use decimal values with a 0.1 step increment in work patterns.

  • The introduction of a new webhook for survey launches.

  • The introduction of a "Select all" option in the position filter, simplifying the selection process.

  • Enhanced searching options for the "skills" field within PeopleRecruit vacancies.

  • The option to choose emojis instead of icons for drivers in survey settings, improving customization and user experience.

Do you have any feedback on these features and improvements? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact our managers to share your thoughts or ask questions.

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