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Manage your recurring workflows and customize the org chart with ease

Manage your recurring workflows and customize the org chart with ease
timer icon2023-12-26

Manage your recurring workflows and customize the org chart with ease

PeopleForce team

Even on the eve of the new year, we don't stop and continue working on improvements to the platform. Let's explore the enhancements that will help you plan your workflows, customize the display of employees in the org chart, make it easier to export attendance hours for calculations and reports, and more.

Recurring workflows and workflows improvements

We are making the workflow functionality even more convenient. If your company has repetitive identical processes and wants to have them scheduled using the workflow feature, you can do so. No additional copying or transferring of information is required.

For example, if your company needs to utilize all available leave balances annually before Christmas or another year-end date, you can easily schedule a recurring workflow to remind people about this requirement.


Workflow history has also been enhanced – now you can view statuses and progress for all workflows at once on a dedicated 'Workflow History' screen. 


When clicking on the workflow, a list of all tasks will open on the same screen. This makes it more convenient for you to track which processes are currently running.


Attendance report

In the Attendance, we have added another export option that will generate a file suitable for further payroll calculation based on the worked days. This is especially beneficial for companies using various payroll systems.

The generated file will contain detailed day-wise calculations for every employee in the company combined.


Anonymised organizational chart view and download

Now, for your employees’ protection, you can show only personal names without surnames to anonymize employees during view and for exports. It's also possible to exclude avatars for maximum employee anonymity in case the exported file is shared with third parties.

Also, the system administrators can choose which fields will be displayed in the anonymized company orgchart. This capability allows you to customize the order in which data is presented. The maximum number of fields for display is 5.


Performance score and performance review improvements

Sure, you may recall and use our performance score and weights system. Now, we've introduced several enhancements to make it even more user-friendly.

  • Adding a reset button when distributing competency weights.
  • Info icon for the Performance Score result badge: Hover over the badge to see a tooltip with helpful text.
  • Displaying the total sum of currently distributed weights: This makes it easier to track the total weights and ensures they add up to 100%.
  • Sorting the review results list by performance score.
  • For convenience and effective communication, managers can now defaultly view the spider chart and table of competencies after a performance review. 
  • We are also continuing to enhance the visual appeal of the assessment cycle. In this update, you will notice numerous UI improvements.

Other important enhancements

  • Custom date for leave policy accrual

In compliance with specific laws in certain countries (e.g., Oct 1 in Argentina), you can now manually select the date for vacation balance allocation, in addition to the start of the month and hire date options.

  • Max carryover amount with expiry date for the next year:

For companies with policies governing the maximum carryover of vacation days and their expiration date, we've introduced the option to include this information.

  • Out-of-office status in Google Calendar

In integrating with Google Calendar, we are introducing the 'Out of Office' status to differentiate it from Annual Leave. Now you can mark yourself as being away from the office so that your colleagues don't schedule anything with you.

⚠️ For more detailed information, explore our PeopleForce knowledge base. If you're curious about other improvements, check out our previous updates.

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