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Presenting performance scoring — for your fair employees’ evaluation

Presenting performance scoring — for your fair employees’ evaluation
timer icon2023-10-23

Presenting performance scoring — for your fair employees’ evaluation

PeopleForce team

In the world of diverse roles and departments, achieving fair and unbiased competency assessments during performance reviews can be challenging for managers and HRs.

Consider this scenario: Imagine you're in a performance review cycle, and there’s a situation where a specific competency affects an employee's job differently, yet it's being evaluated with equal weight. For example, Communication skills may be relevant to both the sales and tech departments, but they are certainly more crucial for sales managers.

In such cases, a function is needed to differentiate the priority of competencies when evaluating different roles. Otherwise, this could create the perception that the assessment doesn't accurately represent the employee's contributions, potentially leading to conflicts, burnout, and turnover.

To eliminate that, we proudly introduce the performance scoring feature on our HR platform, designed to facilitate automated and fair employee assessments.

Check out our video for a closer look at what our platform can do when it comes to assessing competencies.

The key advantages of the performance score

The new performance score feature will be pivotal to:

  1. Distinguish competency importance: You can differentiate the impact of competencies across various positions and departments.
  2. Assess each employee's performance with precision: Evaluate each employee's performance, aligning it with their unique role and skillset.
  3. Set custom-weighted competency scores: Prioritize specific skills relevant to each role.
  4. Gain the ultimate automated performance score: Get the automated performance summary to better comprehend the assessment cycle's outcome.
  5. Make informed career decisions: Use the clear score to make well-informed career decisions for your employees.

What is a performance score, and what is it used for?

Performance score is a single, easy-to-understand number that captures an employee's overall performance, ranging from 0 to 100. Here's how it works.

At the beginning of the cycle, you choose the competencies you want to evaluate for that employee. Then, you give each competency a custom weight, depending on how important it is to their role.

Let's take a closer look at the competency of 'Communication Skills' example.

For instance, it can be crucial for various roles within a team, such as Tech and Sales. However, it's natural that communication skills hold greater significance for a Sales Manager. That's why we simply assign a higher weight to this competency before evaluating such a specialist.

The key principle: The cumulative weights of all chosen competencies must equal 100%. So, if you're assessing two competencies, e.g. ‘Communication skills’ and ‘Teamwork’, giving the first one a weight of 70%, the second one naturally gets 30%.


An irrational competency assessment can negatively affect the fairness of decisions related to promotions, role changes, compensation, and other career advancements. That is why this approach ensures a fair and precise performance score tailored to employees' roles and responsibilities.

How is the score calculated and displayed?

The overall score is calculated using assigned weights and the rating provided during the assessment. Please refer to our knowledge base for a more detailed understanding of the calculation formula.

All this information is calculated into a rating of 0 to 100 and displayed in a user-friendly widget. Do you know why this is convenient for employees? They can view their performance score after managers share the assessment cycle results. This will aid in the subsequent discussion of results between the manager and the employee.


This way, you can automate, speed up, and simplify evaluating your employees' performance while being more fair. Without an HR platform like PeopleForce, such calculations could take days, using spreadsheets and endless formulas that consume your time and increase the chances of human errors.

The benefits of using performance score

  1. Customized performance reviews. Competency weights allow companies to tailor assessments for different roles and focus on what truly matters.

  2. Guaranteed fairness during the reviews. A unified metric and standardized calculation make it easier for managers to view employee assessments while employees gain clarity on the calculation and resulting decisions.

  3. Decision-making based on competencies. Performance scoring is crucial for making performance-based decisions about an employee and also serves as an indicator to investigate issues like overload, burnout, or other employee challenges.

Benefits for managers:

It's more than just an automated number-crunching feature. It's your secret weapon for having open and honest chats with your team members after their performance reviews. Think of it as your launchpad for discussing what's next and where there are areas for improvement.

Benefits for employees:

On the other hand, employees will appreciate the score because it provides an honest evaluation rather than just someone's opinion or a generic competency summary. It helps them better understand how to improve their work, boosting their engagement and loyalty when working with their manager.

Switch to fair evaluations in your performance reviews

Performance Score is your key to optimizing your assessment cycles, making them more understandable and straightforward. At PeopleForce, we automate everything, making it easier for you and your employees to discuss the review results and plan your careers.

Do you have any feedback on this new feature? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact our managers to share your thoughts or ask questions.

⚠️ Please refer to the PeopleForce knowledge base for a detailed guide on how to use the new functionality.

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