Integration with job search sites

Create vacancies and post them on job search sites from one account in the PeopleForce system. Save time for more important tasks.

Integration with job search sites

Post vacancies on job search sites in one click, and HeadHunter are now available from one account in the system. Why post the same thing on different sites when you can create a job vacancy and post it directly from PeopleForce. Created vacancies can be edited, and all responses from them will be automatically entered into the system with a mark of the source for the convenience of the HR manager and the effectiveness of statistics. Later, you can analyze which source gives more talents, and where it is more relevant to post vacancies further.

Contact with candidates through the system

Automatically receive feedback on vacancies, view them in the system and track the status of vacancies. If a candidate suits you, add him to the database of applicants in the system and start communicating. Through the PeopleForce Prospector extension, you can add candidates and automatically parse profile data. Do not lose contact, if it may be useful to you in your future work – create a directory that contains not only information about the candidate, but also his skills.

Tag skills to find the perfect candidate

When integrating with job search sites, you can specify the candidate's skills in order to quickly find the person in the system that suits you. If you need a person with a website skill, you just search for that skill in the candidate database, and the system shows everyone who owns it. You can also create your own base of skills and automatically correlate candidates with the skills already available in the system.

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