Human resource information system (HRIS)

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is an information system for staff management. It is a software for working with talents in a company, which allows to create, add and centralize all data about employees. The system consolidates any information about the company's staff and facilitates the execution of processes related to it.

These processes include:

  • making contacts and adding information about candidates to the system

  • simplifying the hiring process: creating meetings with candidates, e-sign etc.

  • preservation of any information about employees

  • creation of a database of employees and applicants

  • creation of knowledge base for the staff

  • registering the status of employees in the company, their current and previous positions, salary history, etc.

  • automation of documentation

  • creation of automated reporting and process analytics

  • communication with the team

  • data protection and recognition of access to co-workers.

HRIS is perceived as a system due to which companies of any scale can more efficiently track changes in the team and staff, obtain quick and convenient access to the history of employees and applicants, and create reports directly in the system. It leads to an increase in the efficiency of the company's work and influences the decision-making process for employees.

The difference between HRIS and HRMS

The impact of HRIS on efficiency brings the question - how does this system differ from the Human Resources Management System (HRMS)?

The difference is that HRIS is responsible for the data and information about the company, and HRM/HRMS directly regulates the processes related to the productivity of employees: time management, leaves, goal setting, evaluation for Performance Review, etc. In other words, the HRIS information system regulates the statistics in the company. The HRM resource management system is responsible for the dynamics of processes.

PeopleForce, like most systems, combines the functions of HRIS and HRMS. With its help you can automate work with staff and increase efficiency of the HR department and company in general.

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