Performance review

What is performance management?

is the cycle by which an organization analyzes and improves the performance of its employees. The organization can use performance management to monitor performance at different levels:

  • at the level of the division;

  • at the team level;

  • at the individual level.

The performance management system includes the following elements:

  • 1-on-1 consultations - with the help of such consultations it is possible to identify problems of the employees at the initial stages and to provide an effective communication link between employees and subdivisions.

  • Feedback - allows employees to understand how effectively they perform their work and manage potential problems.

  • Plan to increase efficiency - a properly developed strategy determines the step-by-step spectrum and the course of action to achieve a successful end result.

  • Goal setting and implementation are carried out by combining the functions of control and contact with collaborators for simultaneous communication to achieve the goals set by the organization.

  • The reward and recognition program is based on the analysis of the performance of an individual employee and serves as an incentive for better performance results.

With PeopleForce you can automate the following processes:

  • Set goals and create deadlines for them;
  • Create 1-on-1 meetings, send requests by e-mail and enter meetings into your calendar, and make notes about meeting results and further plans;
  • Adjust the frequency of meetings and automate the schedule for the call;
  • Set goals for the company, its divisions, and for each individual employee;
  • Monitor the performance of employees and divisions.
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