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Introducing the new "Recurring 1:1s" feature in PeopleForce

Introducing the new "Recurring 1:1s" feature in PeopleForce
timer icon2024-03-04

Introducing the new "Recurring 1:1s" feature in PeopleForce

PeopleForce team

Two of this year's global trends are HR tech and building trust with employees to enhance transparency within the team. Why not combine them into one function on our HR platform?

We've decided the same! Introducing a new feature in PeopleForce – recurring 1:1 meetings. It encompasses everything you need to build trust and transparent communication with your employees. 
This is one of our most requested features on the platform among customers, so we are very excited to tell you more about it.
You can get a more detailed look at it in our video presentation here:

Why do you need to improve communication through 1:1s?

According to Deloitte, 77% of employees in their current workplaces experienced symptoms of burnout triggered by a lack of recognition and support from managers. This is a rather alarming statistic to ignore. 

To foster openness and decrease stress levels within the team, implementing 1:1 meetings is crucial. However, establishing effective communication goes beyond one-time meetings. That's why this release introduces an enhanced 1:1 feature, emphasizing recurring meetings to foster deeper connections and understanding among employees.

What are Recurring 1:1s?

On our platform, within the PeoplePerform product, you might have already encountered the functionality of 1:1 meetings. However, previously, managers had to manually schedule them every time they needed to speak with an employee. 

We've streamlined the process by automating regular check-ins. Now, employees can easily schedule recurring 1:1 meetings with team members, customize frequency and duration, and share notes afterwards seamlessly – all within PeopleForce. 

This aligns with Deloitte's 2024 Human Capital trends emphasizing the critical importance of trust-building, where only 13% of organizations report strong progress. With our new functionality, you will definitely be among progressive ones!


Just imagine being able to build relationships right from the start of onboarding! Schedule recurring 1:1 meetings with new employees to stay informed about their journey. Use meetings for work feedback, salary reviews, and weekly or monthly update meetings – all in unified threads we've named "Relationships".

What is a new 1:1 Relationship tab?

With the new Relationship tab in PeopleForce, customers can conveniently access 1:1 meetings by participants and organizers. Each employee's meetings are neatly grouped, offering a clear timeline of past, present, and upcoming interactions.

Our Recurring 1:1 meetings and Relationships tab bridges the gap between manager and subordinate, prioritizing organisational transparency and trust-building.


Managing recurring 1:1s in PeopleForce

Planning and organizing 1:1 meetings is now easier than ever:

  • While each pair of people can have only one meeting frequency, you can specify things by choosing different types for each meeting, ensuring varied and engaging discussions.
  • Customize the frequency of recurring meetings to suit your schedule, whether it's weekly or monthly meetings.
  • Simplify the process with default 1:1 templates and preview question templates ready for use to make each meeting count.
  • Build unique connections between two individuals, whether it's a one-time chat or a recurring catch-up. Yes, you still can use a one-time ad-hoc 1:1 while needed!

These improvements make 1:1s a better place for all team members. But there's more:

  • Enjoy the flexibility to reschedule or switch up the meeting type anytime.
  • Cancel or delete meetings with ease, keeping your calendar organized and stress-free.
  • Access past meetings in a convenient sidebar, allowing for quick reference and reflection.Added a “Meeting type” column to the 1:1s report.
  • Stay ahead with a clear view of the upcoming 1:1, with the next scheduled meeting ready for editing.

Calendars integration for 1:1s

This release features a one-way sync for calendar integration with Google and Microsoft calendars. This means any changes made in the Google/Microsoft calendar won't impact meetings in PeopleForce. PeopleForce continues to serve as the primary and authoritative source of meeting information.

Improve the communication within the team

Discover how Recurring 1:1s can streamline communication and enhance collaboration at every stage, from recruitment to ongoing work discussions. Save time by consolidating meetings into one convenient frequency and sync everything with notes for improved clarity and understanding. 

⚠️ Learn more about this feature in our knowledge base article
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