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Key performance indicator's (KPI's), 1-on-1 templates and polls

Key performance indicator's (KPI's), 1-on-1 templates and polls
timer icon2022-03-28

Key performance indicator's (KPI's), 1-on-1 templates and polls

PeopleForce team

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a release with very useful updates for your teams! The main achievements of the month:

  • new feature in PeoplePerform – KPI – helps you better understand the performance and health of your business
  • 1-on-1 meeting templates – to make every conversation count
  • quick polls for communication with your team
  • two new interface languages – Polish 🇵🇱 and Spanish 🇪🇸, invite your friends to join us.

+ many other small updates that can make your work easier to use.

Big upgrade to PeoplePerform: KPIs

What are KPIs? KPI – Key Performance Indicator is a way to evaluate the success of processes. They are quantifiable measures of performance that a business indicates for itself.


With this update, our customers can now implement KPIs and OKRs (objectives). To enable KPIs go to Settings → General and find the section PeoplePerform. There you can enable KPIs for all your employees.

KPIs can be created for an employee, department, division, location or company-wide. As an example, the Support department KPI could be Time to resolve the case or Time to first reply.


Employees can track progress on their KPIs and the company will see a bigger picture of performance in a company’s performance tab. The specially designed page shows a list of all KPIs with their health, current and target values.

Language update: Polish and Spanish interface languages

PeopleForce is extended to support 2 new languages: Polish and Spanish, making it a total of 5 languages supported, also including English, Ukrainian, Russian. To update your language preferences go to your account settings and choose the language.


1-on-1 templates

Templates for 1-on-1 are helping with having more productive and consistent 1-on-1s for your company. It’s possible to create multiple company-wide templates that will include talking points.


Asking for opinion became easier: Polls

This release brings Polls into the announcements feed.


Polls consist of one question and can have multiple answer options. For some inspiration, companies now can ask if employees prefer working from home, from office or mixed work. Another use case could be asking who is planning to attend a Pizza party or any other event. Notification about the poll can also be optionally sent to email. All polls are displayed together with announcements and, just as announcements, can be assigned to particular employees from a department, division or other fields.


Polls as announcements are available with any module selected.

Emergency contacts report

New report fully dedicated to allowing users quickly access the list of emergency contacts across the company.


We’re committed to improving the system for you, so if you’re interested in previous PeopleForce updates, read about them here.

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