Key performance indicator's (KPI's), 1-on-1 templates and polls

March 28, 2022

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a release with very useful updates for your teams! The main achievements of the month:

  • new feature in PeoplePerform – KPI – helps you better understand the performance and health of your business
  • 1-on-1 meeting templates – to make every conversation count
  • quick polls for communication with your team
  • two new interface languages – Polish 🇵🇱 and Spanish 🇪🇸, invite your friends to join us.

+ many other small updates that can make your work easier to use.

Big upgrade to PeoplePerform: KPIs

What are KPIs? KPI – Key Performance Indicator is a way to evaluate the success of processes. They are quantifiable measures of performance that a business indicates for itself.

KPI (graph)

With this update, our customers can now implement KPIs and OKRs (objectives). To enable KPIs go to Settings → General and find the section PeoplePerform. There you can enable KPIs for all your employees.

KPIs can be created for an employee, department, division, location or company-wide. As an example, the Support department KPI could be Time to resolve the case or Time to first reply.

Big upgrade to PeoplePerform: KPIs

Employees can track progress on their KPIs and the company will see a bigger picture of performance in a company’s performance tab. The specially designed page shows a list of all KPIs with their health, current and target values.

Language update: Polish and Spanish interface languages

PeopleForce is extended to support 2 new languages: Polish and Spanish, making it a total of 5 languages supported, also including English, Ukrainian, Russian. To update your language preferences go to your account settings and choose the language.