Leave Timeline page, notification in the sidebar, easy management of export files

March 20, 2022
PeopleForce Product updates. New leave request page, easy management of export files, Gmail integration

It's time to take your PeopleForce experience to the next level with our latest release.

Join the presentation of the new Leave Timeline page

Starting today, all employees who are on leave will be displayed in one convenient location within the Calendar tab, simplifying the process of tracking and approving leave requests for HR managers.

Approved leave requests are filled with colour, while leave requests still need approval are not filled. This means that at a glance, you can quickly see which leave requests have been approved and which ones still need to be reviewed.

Click on an unapproved leave request, and a new pop-up window appears on the right-hand side of the screen. Approve or reject a request with just a click of a button, send a reminder or withdraw if a request is no longer needed.

Redesign of leave request page

The page has been completely restructured to make it more intuitive and visually appealing. The new calendar-style layout provides employees with a clear and comprehensive view of their upcoming leave requests. 

Notifications reworked into sidebar

With this update, we have redesigned the notifications to be displayed in a convenient sidebar. The sidebar provides a clear overview of all your notifications. You can quickly mark all notifications as read with just one click, or dive into specific notifications for more information, for example, to approve the leave of your direct subordinates.

Exports page

Gone are the days of searching through various folders and files to find your exported documents. There is now a dedicated "Export" tab in the General Settings. Following the usual process, you can select the file you need, and then wait or continue with your work while the export is being prepared. Once it is ready, you will receive a notification, and the file can be easily downloaded from either the notification or the Export tab itself.

By having all your exported documents in one place, you can easily monitor who has access to sensitive information and ensure that your company's data is secure. Plus, the Exports tab is easy to use and navigate, making finding the information you need easy.

Leave policy settings for minimum and maximum notice period

With the new minimum notice settings, you can set the amount of time an employee needs to give notice before requesting time off. This can help prevent last-minute requests and give managers more time to plan accordingly.

But that's not all - we've also added maximum notice settings to ensure that employees don't request time off too far in advance. This means that if you set a maximum notice period of 90 days, for example, employees won't be able to request time off more than 90 days ahead. This helps keep everything organized and prevents confusion in the future. 

Documents preview

We are excited to announce the release of our new document preview feature! With Document Preview, you can easily and quickly view a variety of document types, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and more. 

To use Document Preview, simply click on the document you wish to view. 

Key results reordering in Objectives

Key results reordering will make it easier for managers to collaborate and stay focused on their goals, as they can now adjust the order of key results to match their priorities. 

To change the order of key results, you can easily drag and drop them into the preferred sequence.

Workflow tasks and emails to be sent to the group of employees

With workflow tasks, you can assign tasks to groups of employees, such as requesting updated insurance information, completing required training modules, or submitting performance reviews. 

You can also send emails to specific groups of employees, keeping everyone in the loop on important updates or changes.

Yes/No questions for reviews

With the new Yes/No questions option, reviewers can answer straightforward questions with a simple "Yes" or "No" response. This saves time and reduces the need for lengthy explanations, making the review process faster and more streamlined.

Private talking points for 1-on-1 templates

With private talking points, managers and employees can add discussion topics that are only visible to themselves, ensuring complete privacy and encouraging open communication.

New Gmail integration for recruiters — coming soon!

We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming release of our new Gmail integration feature for PeopleForce. For now, it is in early beta testing and we will be gradually enabling it into our customers' accounts, providing a step-by-step process to ensure a smooth integration experience.

This feature allows recruiters to seamlessly connect their Gmail inboxes to PeopleForce, enabling them to send emails to candidates from PeopleRecruit through their own corporate email.

What's more, the integration will automatically sync all emails with the corresponding candidate and display them in the candidate's profile, making it easy for recruiters to keep track of all communication with the candidate. No more need to switch between applications or start the conversation from scratch in PeopleForce.

Candidates will see your integrated email as the sender, which will provide better trust during communication and help to avoid getting into Spam.

Stay tuned!

Other updates 

  • Manage your workflow permissions. With this feature, you can now control and limit access to creating, editing, and managing workflows within your organization by assigning permissions to different users based on their roles.

  • Nudge your employees to complete their tasks directly from their employee profiles. You can send a friendly reminder to your team members with just a few clicks. Once you nudge the employee, they will receive a notification to their sidebar and an email, prompting them to take action on the outstanding task. 

  • We add the next/previous buttons to our 1-on-1 feature, similar to the functionality already available for employees. With this update, you'll be able to easily navigate between your 1-on-1 meetings with team members without the need to scroll through the list manually.

  • All action items that are moved from one 1-on-1 meeting to another are related and will not be duplicated in the To-do list. When an action item is completed, it will be marked as done in the previous 1-on-1s as well, but with a timestamp for the completion date.

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