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11 new features await you in the HR platform

11 new features await you in the HR platform
timer icon2023-12-04

11 new features await you in the HR platform

PeopleForce team

Exciting updates have just landed on the PeopleForce platform, revolutionizing how you manage HR processes. Introducing two new employee change request forms, empowering managers to effortlessly initiate changes. This feature eliminates the need for constant admin involvement, allowing for a more agile and transparent workflow. Sounds about right!

Additionally, other enhancements include more features on the customization side, GDPR enhancements etc. These features collectively contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly PeopleForce experience. See for yourself!

New change request forms

Introducing new change request forms! Empowering employees and managers for swift and transparent profile adjustments. In the 'Forms' section, find Employee change request and Self-service request forms.

  • With the help of Employee change request form, managers efficiently request changes in employee’s personal information, salary adjustments, and additional compensation, streamlining the approval process.

  • Employees use the Self-service request form for personal info modifications, enhancing transparency and automation.

  • Admins benefit from a consolidated dashboard, automating processes and providing control over change history and team dynamics.


Send changes for approval, effortlessly manage requests, and monitor progress.

Check out a separate article on the new forms on the HR platform.

Custom fields for assets

Similar to employee custom fields, users can now create and manage various types of fields for storing and tracking additional asset data.

For instance, you can track the condition of assets and specify if they are new, used, or in need of repair. Additionally, fields for the year of manufacture, photos, and cost can be added, providing a detailed and customized overview of each asset. Customize any information about your assets, and our platform will support you in doing so.


Location picker for the custom fields

Speaking of customization, now, for custom fields in the platform, there's the option to assign a specific location. It means that for any field you create with specific information, you can choose the location of employees who will see it.

For example, if you have an office in Brazil and you're creating fields with information intended only for employees in Brazil, simply select that office from your list of locations. This ensures that the data remains inaccessible to employees in offices in other countries.

Custom tables for employee fields

But wait, there's more! Now, custom tables are available. If you've been pondering how to store additional information in the system, maintaining chronological order and ensuring usefulness, this feature is for you. You can now create custom fields and consolidate them into a table for convenience. Here, you can create and fill tables with any event or information of interest, update them, and track the history of changes.

Other significant improvements

  • GDPR enhancements: provide a contact of the Data Protection Officer, the option to link the company's Privacy Policy for candidate consent, and the empowering ability for candidates to revoke consent, ensuring greater transparency and compliance with GDPR principles.
  • Introducing a new leave option: deduct non-working holidays directly from the leave balance.
  • Rounding off leaves: accumulate full days in the balance, allowing you to see your days off more understandably.
  • Users can now connect their custom domains to the career site for enhanced customization options.
  • You can now automatically populate your attendance using autofill up to the current date.
  • Access to anonymous cases can now be restricted to specific employee categories based on assigned permissions.
  • Managers can now effortlessly and promptly share their review results with their subordinates, eliminating unnecessary delays and complications.

⚠️ For a comprehensive guide on using new functionality, consult the PeopleForce knowledge base.

Stay tuned for further updates and releases by staying connected with us!

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