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Introducing Djinni integration – and other system improvements

Introducing Djinni integration – and other system improvements
timer icon2024-05-20

Introducing Djinni integration – and other system improvements

PeopleForce team

Step into May with our latest release peak! 😄 We've prepared something extraordinary for you: the first-of-its-kind ATS integration with the tech job search site Djinni is now available on our HR platform! Today, we're delving deeper into what and how you can now simplify with its help.

Also, your invaluable feedback and insights have guided us in carefully picking a set of enhancements to boost your efficiency and drive growth for your business. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

Fulfill your sourcing with our new Djinni integration

Welcome to the platform's full integration with Ukraine's largest job marketplace, Djinni! We're pleased to announce that PeopleForce is the first HRM on the market to integrate with Djinni. 

This integration will allow HR managers and recruiters to post job vacancies directly, sync candidate’s data and track their progress using the unified PeopleForce platform. To do this, you need to connect your Djinni account via API key to PeopleForce in the Integrations settings. After that, posting vacancies will become available in the Recruiting section. Fill in the fields as you do normally on the Djinni website – and get your application synced into PeopleForce!


What the integration will provide:

  • For recruiters: The ability to quickly post job vacancies to Djinni and sync candidate’s data without wasting extra time on manual copying and filling.
  • For recruiting agencies: PeopleForce supports multiple accounts from the Djinni website, allowing you to connect and work with multiple companies.
  • For HR and recruiting needs: As a one-stop shop, our HR platform allows you to conveniently manage candidates, from posting vacancies to hiring.

Note: As part of the integration, PeopleForce may share certain information with Djinni, such as hired candidate data, ensuring a seamless recruitment process and enhancing collaboration between the two platforms.

Read more details about the new integration in the dedicated article.

Deleting cases and restricting admin access in Safe Speak

We continue to work with our Safe Speak feature. Next up for security enhancements: now you can add only specific people in your company as admins responsible for Safe Speak cases, improving security and control over sensitive information.

Additionally, we've added a record log for case deletion. If, for any reason, one of your admins deletes a case, the database will log this event, but the submitter will be able to track who deleted their inquiry and when.

Note: Given the strict regulations surrounding Safe Speak, particularly under the EU Whistleblower Directive, deleting anonymous cases poses a significant concern if left unchecked.

A malicious user could potentially delete a case filed against them without leaving any trace. Hence, we meticulously track and maintain records of any deletion of Safe Speak cases to ensure accountability and transparency.


Other improvements

  • Olá a todos os falantes de português, como estão as coisas? Now, our platform has added a Portuguese language version. We plan to develop and improve it in the following releases, so stay tuned for updates.
  • Tag team members in comments/notes via @ in Objectives, and if the person has permission to view the objective, they will also receive an email notification. 
  • We've added the ability to schedule and conduct 45-minute time slots for candidate interviews, similar to what is already done for 1:1s. Now, it's even more convenient to choose the call duration.
  • You now have the ability to rearrange the order of article categories by simply dragging and dropping them.

Do you have any questions about the functionality? Reach out to our managers. And stay updated with the latest news.

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