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Streamlined HRappka alternatives: Features, pricing, & more

Streamlined HRappka alternatives: Features, pricing, & more
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Streamlined HRappka alternatives: Features, pricing, & more

PeopleForce team

Imagine running a company that doesn’t understand its employees and can only use a fraction of their true potential. Before the age of digitalization, this scenario wasn’t uncommon for global businesses – because the bigger your workforce, the harder it was to keep a finger on the pulse. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. 

Nowadays, we have plenty of powerful HR platforms to choose from, like the Polish system HRappka, which recently gained prominence. What is it, and why is it interesting? What are the most interesting HRappka alternatives in 2024 and beyond? Read on to find out.

What is HRappka?


Image source: HRappka

HRappka is a Polish platform for HR departments mainly operating in Poland. It allows you to manage the complete recruitment process and time off, conduct onboarding, offer training, track employee performance, manage delegations and required documentation, process payrolls etc. These features are unified under one system, so HR specialists don’t have to learn and use several tools to work effectively.

HRappka key features

HRappka offers the following features:

  • ATS – Automate recruitment processes, post many job offers simultaneously and manage candidates with an applicant tracking system
  • Employee onboarding – Introduce new people into your company in an optimized way that helps them adjust and doesn’t overburden anyone
  • Legalization of foreigners – Create work permits and statements, set up legalization reminders and warnings
  • HR & Payroll – Generate contracts and employee files, manage settlements, payments and tax declarations
  • Working time records – Handle timesheets and leaves via an electronic leave request system
  • Employee portal – Offer employees access to their critical documents and data, allow them to report holidays and working time
  • Training management – Allow employees to sign up for various available training sessions via the employee portal
  • CRM for the HR – Access customer billings, a contractor database and make use of invoice generation
  • Posting of workers – Create multilanguage CV printouts or delegation documents, plan transports, track deadlines 
  • Module for staffing agencies – Optimize mass, complex HR processes

HRappka user rating


G2: –

HRappka pricing

HRappka doesn’t present pricing details on the website. 

5 best HRappka competitors & alternatives

HRappka is a solid choice, but it’s not the only option. Here are the best alternatives you can consider in 2024.



PeopleForce is a comprehensive HR platform created to streamline HR processes at various stages of the employee life cycle and provide top-level employee experience. It’s built from six products: 

  1. Core HR (data centralization)
  2. Performance management (OKRs, tracking KPIs, recurring 1-on-1s, 360-degree feedback)
  3. Surveys (employee engagement and satisfaction analysis)
  4. Time and attendance tracking
  5. Case management
  6. Recruitment (an ATS system)

PeopleForce key features

PeopleForce offers the following features:

  • Recruiting automation – Find the talent you need fast and without problems thanks to CV parser, outreach and testing automation. Access all critical candidate information in one place
  • Self-service for your employees – Provide employees with tools that allow them to manage schedules, set OKRs, track goals and request vacation or sick leave
  • Flexible leave management – Customize leave types, calculate balance and automate requests and approvals
  • Employee surveys & eNPS – Collect important employee data regarding engagement and satisfaction to optimize your business in these critical areas
  • HR reporting & analytics – Analyze comprehensive HR data and create reports to generate insights and drive decisions
  • HR workflow automation – Allow candidates to sign job offers remotely using their mobile devices
  • Team collaboration – Set up flexible access permissions, create hiring teams, set clear goals and facilitate team collaboration
  • Performance management – Monitor employees’ progress and performance through recurring 1-on-1s and 360-degree feedback
  • Integrations – PeopleForce provides Android/iOS apps fully integrated with the web version, offering access to HR management anywhere, anytime. You can also integrate with job search sites and various tools and technologies such as Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Zapier etc.
  • Time tracking – Access an efficient and highly configurable time-tracking and attendance management system 
  • Case management – Address and solve various issues your workers have thanks to the PeopleDeck case management software 

PeopleForce user rating

Capterra: 4.6 (48 reviews)

G2: 4.8 (113 reviews)


  • Standard: $2/mo per employee
  • Professional: $2.4/mo per employee

It’s also worth pointing out that PeopleForce doesn’t charge for onboarding the system. Plus, every customer gets a dedicated support specialist. 

Want to try PeopleForce? Request a demo and see all the features in action!



Image source: G2

BambooHR is a comprehensive HR platform that simplifies HR processes. It consolidates employee data in one database, allows you to manage payrolls and benefits, track work time and provides various other tools to assist businesses in hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation and fostering employee development.

BambooHR key features

Here is the feature set offered by BambooHR:

  • Employee records – Access all essential employee data in one place, filter and categorize information depending on your needs
  • Workflows and approvals – Optimize and automate your HR workflows and approvals to focus on more critical tasks
  • Reporting and analytics – Collect valuable insights, manage and analyze data, generate pre-built reports
  • Mobile apps – Use BambooHR mobile apps for both hiring and HR management
  • ATS system – Find and hire great people for your company, track applicants
  • Onboarding and offboarding – Conduct onboarding and offboarding with ease
  • Electronic signatures – Leave paper forms behind and allow employees to sign documents remotely via electronic signatures
  • Time tracking – Report and track hours worked on the BambooHR home screen or a mobile phone
  • Paid time off – Manage PTO for your employees easily with BambooHR vacation tracking
  • Payroll and benefits management – Manage employee compensation and benefits
  • Employee community – Provide employees with a tool for internal communication, announcements etc.
  • Employee satisfaction with eNPS – Measure and track employee satisfaction using the eNPS survey method. Analyze data using machine learning algorithms and notice worrying trends
  • Total rewards – Provide total compensation statements showing your people exactly what their compensation package includes
  • BambooHR marketplace – Integrate BambooHR with various systems and tools (payroll processing software, performance management solutions, systems for background checks etc.) 

BambooHR user rating

Capterra: 4.6 (2746 reviews)

G2: 4.4 (2015 reviews)

BambooHR pricing

BambooHR offers two pricing plans: Core and Pro. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t specify any pricing details.



Image source: G2

HiBob is a system that combines various HR-related features in one tool. It offers features related to compensation and time off management, as well as tracking employee performance. It also provides analytics, surveys for collecting employee feedback and workforce planning tools.

HiBob key features

Here are the key features HiBob offers:

  • Core HR – Manage employees, automate processes, analyze data and create valuable reports and documentation you can access in one place
  • Onboarding – Automate and optimize onboarding processes to create a warm, welcoming workplace
  • Time and attendance – Simplify attendance management, time tracking etc., with a centralized system
  • Compensation – Manage compensation globally, considering various factors such as bonuses, reviews etc.
  • Payroll hub – Make use of a centralized payroll dashboard which you can sync with your existing payroll processing system
  • Time off – Manage and track vacation days, holidays, sick days, PTO etc.
  • Surveys – Run surveys to understand your employees better, uncover hidden sentiments and measure satisfaction. Connect feedback to milestones
  • Performance – Run 360-degree performance reviews (onsite and remotely), set clear and attainable goals and development plans
  • People analytics – Track KPIs and analyze employee data to understand your workforce better and uncover valuable insights
  • Your voice – Allow employees to report misconduct or inform you about various workplace concerns safely and anonymously, without fear
  • Workforce planning – Build hiring plans and optimize productivity to get the most out of your workforce
  • Integrations – Integrate with various third-party tools such as Ashby, 15Five, ADP Marketplace, ClickTime and many others

HiBob user rating

Capterra: 4.6 (138 reviews)

G2: 4.5 (896 reviews)

HiBob pricing

HiBob’s website doesn’t offer any pricing details – you’ll need to contact the company for more information about plans.



Image source: G2

Factorial is a platform that allows you to automate HR tasks to simplify and optimize your business operations in various employee-related areas, such as talent acquisition, performance reviews, payrolls, time tracking, leave management, onboarding/offboarding etc. The solution also provides features like OKRs/goal tracking and a reporting module that lets you monitor KPIs.

Factorial key features

Factorial has the following features:

  • Time off – Easily manage requests for time off, sick leaves, PTO etc.
  • Time tracking – Use time tracking software to track and calculate how many hours your employees worked in a given period
  • Shift management – Use a shift management system to schedule employee working hours without resorting to spreadsheets
  • Employee performance – Track employee development and create performance reviews to make well-informed decisions regarding their growth and potential career change
  • Talent acquisition – Track and manage applicants with an ATS system
  • Onboarding & offboarding – Simplify the onboarding and offboarding processes in your company
  • Goals & OKR tracking – Manage OKRs, choose objectives and track progress for the entire organization
  • Payroll preparation and review – Automate and centralize the payroll processes
  • Electronic signature – Allow employees to sign legal documents electronically without the need to be in the office
  • Expenses – Manage various expenses both on the company and employee level
  • Factorial cards – Use corporate cards to simplify and organize your expenses further
  • Document manager – Manage documents used by your organization and employees quickly and securely
  • Employee portal – Allow employees to access personal data and various kinds of other information and features
  • HR reports & KPI – Gather accurate, valuable data and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Organizational chart – Create and update organizational charts automatically 
  • Communication & events – Facilitate internal communication, foster relationships, build a community, and inspire your employees
  • Automations – Customize and automate your HR workflows 
  • Permissions system – Control access to data and information by setting up permissions
  • Integration marketplace – Use the integration marketplace to connect to various other technologies, including Gmail, Payflow, Zapier, Slack etc.

Factorial user rating

Capterra: 4.5 (252 reviews)

G2: 4.5 (83 reviews)

Factorial pricing

The Factorial platform comprises three different hubs of services, each with two pricing options: Business and Enterprise. The details are in the table below.

Business Plan

Enterprise plan

Operations Hub



Finance Hub



People Hub



The company also allows you to choose specific services (modules) you need and build your custom bundle.



Image source: HRnest

Like HRappka, HRnest is an HR platform that mainly operates in the local Polish market. The solution focuses on time tracking and leave and work schedule management. It also provides onboarding tools and features to help you better organize your company’s resources. 

HRnest key features

Here’s what HRnest offers:

  • Online leave management – Allow employees to request time off with as little as three mouse clicks. Set up different leave request types (annual leave, leave on demand, maternity/paternity leave etc.). Specify the default document flow to ensure leave requests always reach the correct people. Generate PTO reports filtered for specific criteria and employees
  • Holiday plans – Let people plan their holidays for the entire year to ensure it doesn’t overlap in ways that would affect productivity negatively
  • Data export – Easily export data to your payroll software of choice, and also Excel or a calendar app
  • Employee time tracking software – Track time using different methods, such as the Start/Stop system, Manual work time registration, QR code time recorder etc. Track time spent on specific projects, monitor real-time data and generate time-tracking reports to control the shift schedule execution and attendance
  • Work schedules – Plan shifts with an easy-to-use scheduling app
  • Overtime settlement – Calculate and control overtime within the company
  • Documents expiration date reminders – Set up reminders for document expiration dates to never miss renewals or health examinations
  • Employee requests – Provide your employees with a way to ask you for anything they might need to do their job better
  • Company documentation – Store important documentation, such as guidelines, plans and regulations, in one easy-to-access place and share these documents securely with specific people
  • Resourcing & talent management – See the full picture behind your workforce and its capabilities and manage talent easily

HRnest user rating

Capterra: 4.8 (105 reviews)


HRnest pricing

HRnest has three modules, each providing different features: leave management ($2 per user/month), work schedules ($2.3 per user/month) and personal file ($2 per user/month). You can save 20% if you opt for annual payments, and companies within Europe can also pay in euros.

HRappka competitors & alternatives: Comparison table








Employee database

Knowledge base

Case management

Recruitment (ATS)

Attendance tracking

Performance and salary reviews

Dedicated support specialist


A Gartner report highlights that 82% of workers want their companies to see them as people, not just as employees. Setting up well-functioning, automated HR processes and systems gives you time to do just that – you can focus on the “human” in “human resources”. The result is a happier workforce and a healthier, more optimized business.

Because of this, the choice of an HRM tool is one of the most important you’ll make. If you care about the employee experience and streamlining needlessly complicated operations, a tool like PeopleForce may be the thing for you. It offers powerful features, solid support and transparent pricing. Request a demo and check it out – it won’t disappoint! 

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