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Top-rated 5 HiBob competitors & alternatives

Top-rated 5 HiBob competitors & alternatives
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Top-rated 5 HiBob competitors & alternatives

PeopleForce team

HiBob HR system is a popular one but it may not be the most suitable for everyone, depending on the size of your company and features you need.

Today, there are so many HR tools that can automate any complex process within your company. But how do you know which one to choose?

Don’t worry. In this article, we'll review the top five HiBob competitors and alternatives to help you pick the right one. But first…

What is HiBob?


Source: G2.com

HiBob is a comprehensive suite of tools for HR professionals, covering everything from the onboarding process through payroll management and performance reviews.

Key features

  • Employee database
  • Onboarding
  • Time and attendance
  • Payroll
  • Performance management
  • Compensation management
  • Employee surveys

Some cons users mention include a limited survey and recognition functionality and features sometimes being overwhelming or too complex.

User rating

Capterra: 4.6

G2: 4.5


The goal of the tool was to systemize all HR processes in one platform, offering a high level of automation. However, everything comes at a price and according to many user reviews, HiBob is more expensive than most other HR tools and its pricing is not transparent.

The pricing range is not publicly available and everyone gets a custom quote based on the company size and features they need. Therefore, the platform is mostly used by medium and large enterprises.

HiBob competitors & alternatives: Top 5 picks

1. PeopleForce


PeopleForce is an all-in-one HR solution designed to improve the employee experience and simplify HR operations across the whole employee lifecycle, from recruitment to performance reviews.

It serves as a centralized hub for all HR needs and has six core features that can be viewed as different products. The pricing is very transparent, as you can purchase only the features you really need and create a custom plan for your company.

It consists of the following products:

1.1 Key features

  • HR processes automation: Apart from storing all employee data and documents in one place and managing core HR operations like leave requests, onboarding and offboarding, this feature comes with automatic workflows allowing you to save precious time.
  • Recruitment: The comprehensive recruitment solution allows you to store all candidate data in one place and create custom job vacancy funnels. It comes with a built-in applicant tracking system so you no longer have to rely on third-party apps.
  • Performance management: The two main aspects of this tool are comprehensive 360-degree reviews and OKRs. The platform also lets you schedule, monitor and analyze recurring 1-on-1 meetings.
  • Surveys management: You can create and automate all types of employee surveys, with a special focus on increasing employee engagement, eNPS and sentiment analysis. The platform offers a way to organize and categorize a large volume of responses quickly.
  • Case management is a self-service employee case management platform where employees can submit work-related issues and appeals and directly communicate with managers in charge, promoting transparency and simplifying communication.
  • Time & attendance management: Our comprehensive time and attendance system allows employees to clock in and out multiple times throughout the day with only one click. It automatically logs when and for how long they worked, simplifying attendance and productivity tracking even for first-time managers.
  • Integrations: PeopleForce easily integrates with job portals, such as Jooble, LinkedIn and Djinni; communication tools such as Zoom, Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber; learning management systems and Zapier which allows you to create custom third-party integrations.

1.2 User rating

Capterra: 4.9

G2: 4.8

1.3 Pricing

  • Standard: $2/mo per employee
  • Professional: $2.4/mo per employee

Note: The onboarding process is free of charge, allowing you to start hassle-free. 

There is also a 14-day free trial with no hidden fees and no credit card required! Plus, there are no charges for onboarding the system, ensuring a smooth start.

2. Personio


Source: G2.com

Personio is an HR software that focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. Its most praised features are numerous integrations and comprehensive reports.

2.1 Key features

  • Digital employee file: This feature provides centralized access to all employee data and documents with reminders for important dates such as contract renewal or employee anniversary. You can also organize employees by roles or departments using tags and categories. There's also an employee directory where everyone can find contact information.
  • Anonymous whistleblowing: The tool provides you with a safe channel to report any wrongdoing without the fear of consequences, as it's completely anonymous and compliant with the EU Directive on the protection of whistleblowers and GDPR standards.
  • Integrations: Personio integrates with over 150 tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zapier and multiple applicant tracking systems, such as Greenhouse, Hireful and Workable.

2.2 User rating

Capterra: 4.3

G2: 4.3

2.3 Pricing

  • Core Plan: Custom price available upon request
  • Core Pro: Custom price available upon request (the main difference is that with Pro, you get unlimited legal entities, unlimited documents and workflows)

3. BambooHR


Source: G2.com

BambooHR is an all-in-one solution that supports you in all employee-related procedures, from hiring, salary and benefits management to boosting employee engagement. It can be used by businesses of all sizes, but its pricing structure is complex and not available online.

3.1 Key features

  • Mobile app: The mobile app has a timeline and looks like a company social network where you can see updates and give public recognition. The app offers employee self-service capabilities as they can submit time off requests, use a shared calendar and sign documents on the go.
  • Employee experience and performance management: This feature allows you to conduct all types of surveys and reviews, including 360-degree feedback and eNPS. BambooHR's performance management focuses not only on goal setting and career development but also on improving employees' well-being.
  • Integrations: BambooHR integrates with over 130 apps. It can integrate with ATS software, such as Greenhouse, Workable and JobScore, performance software, like Lattice, Leapsome and GoalSpan and time tracking software, such as Deputy, ClickTime and MakeShift.

3.2 User rating

Capterra: 4.6

G2: 4.4

3.3 Pricing

  • Core Plan: Custom price is available upon request (ideal for smaller HR teams with basic requirements such as hiring and employee data management)
  • Pro Plan: Custom price is available upon request (ideal for larger companies wanting to uplevel employee experience by performance management, engagement and recognition)

For small businesses with fewer than 25 employees, BamboHR comes with a flat monthly rate that depends on the features you choose.

For companies with over 25 employees, the tool is priced per employee per month and volume discounts are automatically applied as your employee number increases.

There are also many add-ons to choose from, such as benefits administration, but they're limited only to the US.

4. Zoho People


Source: G2.com

Zoho People is part of Zoho's comprehensive suite, which also includes CRM, project management and help desk, among other things. It's a scalable talent management platform with transparent pricing, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

4.1 Key features

  • HR chatbot: Zoho People comes with an AI assistant that can help you automate repetitive tasks and queries. Employees can use a chatbot to ask questions, submit time-off requests, organize their to-do lists and many more things.
  • Smart time sheets: Thanks to Zoho's numerous integrations you can use timesheets not only for attendance tracking but also for getting insights into how your employees spend their workday. You can monitor progress on different projects and tasks and generate reports to compare scheduled versus logged hours, which can help you plan more precisely.
  • Integrations: Zoho People integrates with a variety of Zoho and third-party applications such as Zoho Projects, Zoho CRM and Microsoft Teams and recruitment and analysis software, like Zoho Analytics and Zoho Recruit.

4.2 User rating

Capterra: 4.4

G2: 4.4

4.3 Pricing

  • Free Plan: free for up to 5 users, limited to basic HR functions
  • Essential HR Plan: €1,50 per user per month
  • Professional Plan: €2,50 per user per month
  • Premium Plan: €3,50 per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan: €5 per user per month
  • People Plus Plan: €10 per user per month

You can get a discount on the annual payment. The only limitation is that all plans except the free plan require a minimum of five users.

5. Namely


Source: Capterra.com

Namely is an HR software for small to medium businesses (up to 1,000 employees) that comes with unlimited support from their expert team, who can also help you put HR procedures in place.

5.1 Key features

  • Employee Database: You can use one of their templates or build your own database from scratch, as you can add an unlimited number of custom fields and tags, making it easier to organize your employee data.
  • Employee benefits management: Namely has a simple system allowing people to manage their own employee benefits, add dependents and customize their own benefits plan. More expensive plans include managing large group benefits such as medical, dental and vision.
  • Integrations: Namely integrates with ATS software, such as Hire, Talent Hub and Greenhouse and employee feedback and performance apps, such as Lattice, Culture Amp and 15Five.

5.2 User rating

Capterra: 4.1

G2: 3.9

5.3 Pricing

  • Namely Now Plan: Starting at $9 per employee per month (only core HR tasks)
  • Namely Plus: Custom price available upon request (everything in Namely Now + time tracking, recruiting, performance)
  • Namely Plus People: Custom price available upon request (everything in Namely Plus + managed payroll services and benefits)
  • Namely Complete Plan: Custom price available upon request (everything in Namely Complete + risk management and large group benefits)

HiBob competitors & alternatives: Comparison table





Zoho People


Employee database

Knowledge base

Case management

Recruitment (ATS)

Attendance tracking

Performance and salary reviews


We tried to gather different HR software solutions with features suitable for all company sizes – from small companies to enterprise solutions.

But if you're looking for a modern HR platform that will grow with you and adapt to your needs, PeopleForce may be the right tool for you as it offers multiple tools in one.

It supports you in all phases of people management: from the recruitment process through core HR and time management to boosting employee performance and engagement.

Book a free demo and discover how to optimize HR processes across the entire employee lifecycle and ensure an exceptional employee experience.

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